Powering your mobiles with wind turbine

If you are bored of hand-cranked chargers, here is a technology that will completely change your perception. The latest way to give your dying battery a new life is the dynamic windmill technology. They will not only decrease your dependency on electricity, but also save your time and are consumer friendly.


Micro-engineering researchers from the University of Texas have developed this latest technology where the power of wind can be harnessed to recharge your phone. In this, a phone is loaded with hundreds of nickel devices in its case.

These micro windmills that are merely 1.8 mm wide are smaller than a grain of rice. They are able to transform the wind energy into electricity. The flexible windmills are made out of nickel alloys that are strong and durable and can withstand strong wind currents without breaking. The components are minimally designed to obtain maximum functionality.

The tiny blades in the micro windmills are connected to a shaft. The shaft, in turn, is connected to a miniature generator. The generator may be associated with the phone’s battery. When the device is running short of power, all the user needs to do is, to just wave the device in the air or place it in front of a window or a high-speed moving fan. With the help of hundreds of such micro windmills, the phone will get charged within a fraction of minutes. Apart from the phone, the micro windmills can be placed anywhere, under a sleeve, a case, tablet or any other portable device.


Taiwan based fabrication company, WinMEMS, has already started its work on potential application of these windmills. In addition to micro windmills, this research team has successfully developed gears, inductors, pop-up switches and grippers. All of these are as small as the human hair diameter.

According to Professor J.C. Chiao, from the Texas University the reason behind the efficient working of the windmills is the flexibility of the nickel alloy and the minimalism of the design that makes it more functional.

One more statement from the University states that inventions of this type are necessary to develop micro-robots that can be used for surgical purposes and sensing machines to explore disaster prone zones. Thus, this could prove to be a revolutionary stride in the field of technology.

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