What is sustainable agriculture?

Agriculture is an essential practice for humans. Without agriculture no civilization can sustain. But the general methods of agriculture are most of the times not eco-friendly. Due to reckless agricultural practices our nature has been polluted. Sustainable agriculture is a process of agriculture that is beneficial for both humans and the environment. It does not pollute our environment and do not cause any imbalance between the natural elements. By practicing this kind of agriculture farmers can earn more regularly. It also helps in the production of better quality food for consumers. From every angle it is good for everyone. In some countries animals are used for agriculture. This leads to animal cruelty. Sustainable agriculture can stop all this. It is gaining popularity among farm owners. It is not just a farming method but rather a principle and way of life. There are millions and millions of living organisms in this world and many of them live in the soil. Understanding the interdependence of living organisms is the bas of sustainable agriculture. Non-renewable energies are used in a very efficient manner. This sort of agricultural practice started in 1990 in United States of America.

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Reasons why sustainable agriculture has become important

  • Scarcity of land for cultivation is one of the main reasons why farmers are opting for sustainable cultivation. Population is increasing every year but the land for agriculture is limited. The developments of industries have made acquisition of agricultural land more difficult. Sustainable agriculture is a process which retains the quality of land and helps the farmers grow more crops in limited land without causing bio-hazard.
  • Soil erosion is another serious issue that demands the practice of sustainable agriculture. In this method the erosion of soil due to cultivation is limited.
  • Water is needed for cultivation in huge quantities. With the help of the sustainable cultivation techniques water consumption can be reduced.
  • For good health we need to have food that has been grown without the use of harsh chemicals. Sustainable agriculture produces healthy food for consumers.

Understanding Sustainable Agriculture

This eco friendly cultivation technique follows two main methods- crop rotation and soil amendment. For enriching the soil natural compost is used for increasing its fertility. No chemicals are used. Legumes are planted and harvested for enriching the soil with natural nitrate and ammonia. When crops are planted in such fertile soil they grow fast and have more nutritional value. Reducing the cost of using energy and other resources yet providing highly nutritious foods is one of its mottos. The practice of sustainable agriculture can improve the way the farmers live. They get more money without investing too much for irrigation or fertilizers.

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