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Best alternative energy sources for your home

by Ecofriend1874

Our global environment is in trouble. The environmentalists are worried about the growing rate of global pollution and energy consumption. Domestic energy consumption is a huge part of global energy usage. The traditional ways of producing energy is taking a huge toll on the world atmosphere. Every year the power bills are getting hiked and you are paying more for the same amount of current. If you want to change this scenario and help in controlling the global pollution and environmental imbalance then you should opt for the alternative energy resources for powering your house. This way you will be able to reduce your carbon footprint and bring down the annual costs of power usage. Unconventional energy resources are becoming increasingly popular due to long power cuts and electricity shortage. Soon a day will come when there will be no fossil fuels left for burning and if the alternative energies are not used then we would have to live in the Dark Age.


Solar Power

Among the alternative energy resources, the solar power is probably the most used for household purposes. In different parts of the earth energy is used for different purposes. In the cold countries energy is needed to keep the rooms warm through the use of room heaters and in hot countries energy is needed for running the ACs or fans. You can get solar panels installed on your roof for serving all these purposes. The energy your solar panels produce can be sold to the energy companies. This way you will gain rather than lose money on energy bills.


Wind Power

Wind is a very powerful source of energy. If you live in a windy region of the world you should get wind turbines installed in your house. According to researches and surveys by installing a small wind turbine you can bring down the power bills by 90%. You may produce power for household usage and sell the excess energy to your neighbors who would like to reduce their energy bills. Do not hesitate to take professional guidance in this matter as only a professional will be able to tell if your location is good enough for installing wind turbine.



Why let the waste get wasted? The animal and human waste can be used for producing energy sufficient for running your home. Biomass needs to be produced in an organized plant. Such plants are growing in number for supplying households with sufficient amounts of energy for running homely appliances and more. Technological researches are being conducted to make more energy efficient domestic appliances that save energy and bring down energy bills. You can also opt for Green Energy that does not damage the environment as much as the traditional energy resources.

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