Ways you can recycle and put old car parts to good use

When replacing a car or even a single part of your vehicle, you may find that you can probably reuse or recycle it, thereby eliminating the need to throw it away. Here are of those car parts that you can recycle effectively.

Engine Oil

Engine Oil

Engine oil never becomes useless. It only gets dirty after some time. Oil that is improperly disposed tends to lead to groundwater, stream, river, and soil contamination. In order to avoid this, you can give off used oil to a certified oil collection center in the area. The center would clean the oil and reuse it.



Chances are the engine you plan to replace still has some life left in it. You can give it to mechanics who will rebuild the damaged engine. In certain cases, remanufactured engines are more efficient than new ones. So opt for this greener and more cost effective solution to getting rid of your old engine.

Auto Glass

replacing car windshields

More than 15 million windshields and windows end up in the landfill every year in the U.S. alone. Although these glasses were hard to replace before, recent technologies have given rise to companies dedicated to replacing car windshields and reducing waste. Recycled windshield glass can be used for glass bottles, fiberglass insulation and concrete blocks.


Car batteries

Car batteries tend to be one of the most recycled products in the U.S. Instead of throwing away your old batteries, you can either send them back to their manufacturers or to recycling centers in the locality. This way, you can ensure that the surrounding environment remains free of toxic chemicals like lead.


Old Tires

Nearly 233 million tires out of 290 million are sent to the landfills every year in the USA. Old tires are burnt for disposal, which can cause air pollution and ground contamination by creating an oily, toxic runoff. Instead of throwing away old tires, you can give them back to a reputable tire dealer or a local tire collection agency/event. The tires will then be recycled to form rubberized asphalt to be used in highways.

Rubber Hoses

Rubber Hoses

The rubber hoses used in cars can be effectively recycled rather than being thrown away. Even the worst of rubber hoses that look like they can never be used anywhere again, can be repurposed into several useful things.



The plastic parts found in automobiles, including lights, bumpers, gas tanks and dashboards, etc, can be repurposed to form new products. Plastic recycling centers remove the plastic from other components, shred them and then build new items from them.


The next time you think about throwing away a car part, consider recycling it. Check a local recycling center to see if you can recycle the above mentioned parts in your car. You will be amazed to see how many more parts of the car you can recycle as well.

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