Nations find better hope in wind energy as a renewable power source

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The concept of wind energy is not new, and it has been around for more than two hundred years. Wind turbines in the countryside help the farmers and agricultural business owners. With the fast spreading awareness about the importance of green energy, researchers and scientists are trying to find ways of utilizing wind energy for the benefit of humanity.


In the windmills, wind moves the blades which in turn moves the turbine inside the windmill and generates electricity. A single traditional windmill is capable of producing electricity to power 500 homes annually. There are wind-farms all over the world, which group the windmills together and use them in order to produce sufficient amount of electricity for powering houses.

The biggest wind farm of the world located in Texas generates around 735 megawatts of electricity using 421 wind turbines. Small wind refers to a single wind turbine that powers a household. Medium sized wind turbines are being used in farms where laying transmission lines would be prohibitively expensive.

At present, Canada’s total wind energy production capacity is 3,549 MW. This huge amount of wind energy can power nearly one million households. Canadian Wind Energy Association has declared that wind turbines will fulfill around 20% of Canada’s total electricity needs by the year 2025. This will create around 52,000 new jobs and give a turn over of approximate $79 billion. It will also help the government deal with frequent power shortages and empower the electric grids.

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The government of Denmark is not far behind in adopting wind energy. By 2050, Denmark plans to use only green renewable energy for power needs and requirements. For this purpose, they are planning to increase the number of wind-farms and also develop their renewable energy production infrastructure further.

There is scope of development in India as well. It was considered the third biggest market for wind energy in 2012. Iceland has joined the list of wind energy producers recently and even Guadeloupe has come up to the top position in a short period of time. More and more number of countries are coming forward and showing earnest desire to utilize wind energy for generating usable electric energy.

Wind turbines can generate huge amount of electric energies by converting the kinetic energy of wind. Several small countries have started developing and improving their infrastructure for generating more wind energy.

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