Innovative water collection systems that might help with water harvesting

Like minerals, petroleum, coal, and metals, water is also a limited natural resource. The overused and essential natural resource has to be protected and saved from wastage. For this purpose, researchers and scientists are focusing on water conservation and trying hard to come up with viable water collectors. In fact, some brilliant water collectors have been designed around the world, which can change the present scenario and motivate the masses to participate in water conservation. In the following, some of the best designs of water collectors have been listed.

Chaac ha water collector

Chaac ha water collector

In many regions of Asia and Africa, the inhabitants have to face drinking water scarcity. Keeping this problem in mind a group of intelligent student from the Yucatan region located in southern Mexico has created the design of Chaac Ha water collector, which is capable of collecting water from dew and rain. One Chaac Ha can provide 2.5 liters of water from dew alone.

Drinking water from air

drink water

It may sound absurd but scientists have found a way of using technology for making water from the air. The air contains moisture or water vapor, which can be converted into water through the use of a particular device. These water makers may not eradicate the acute problem of drinking water scarcity but it is already being used to provide water to troops working in Iraq.

The dew bank

 The dew bank  2

There is an insect named the fog beetle which collects or rather makes water in a unique method. It puts itself in a position where some dew drops will fall on its back and then makes uses these dew droplets for its water needs. Seeing the bug, an idea struck designer Pak Kitae who developed the Dew Bank. The designer used biomimicking technique for making this brilliant water collector model. This model may help in providing water to millions of people who live in dry regions around the globe.

The Acquamaker

 The Acquamaker

The Acquamaker is another innovative water collector, which makes water from the humidity of air surrounding us. Its sleek design makes it usable in homes and offices. It needs the humidity level to be at least 60% for working efficiently.

Drop net fog collector

 Drop net fog collector by Imke Hoehler

Imke Hoehler has designed a sustainable water collector, which converts fog into water through a mist harvesting technology. Every year 2.5 million people die from drinking polluted water and thirst. This innovative model will help in reducing this problem.

Fog and dew collector

Fog and dew collector by Alon Alex Gross

British designer Alon Alex Gross has developed an interesting fog and dew collector model for reducing the problems stemming from scarcity of water. Made with lightweight materials, it can function in rural areas and suburban landscapes. This device uses grass root technology and can be easily used in suburbs.


Water collectors are necessary in a world where people are dying at staggering rate due to its scarcity. Scientists are coming up with innovative models of water collectors that harvest water through several sources.

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