Ways to Start Your Own Scrap Metal Recycling Company

If you are considering starting a scrap metal recycling business then kudos to you, as it is one of the most lucrative businesses in today’s time. Although many people believe that, it is and a risky job but probably, they are not aware of the rewarding benefits of a scrap metal business. You have an option to deal in one particular scrap metal, or variety of metals and sell them to metal recycling companies.

Recycle and reuse is the motto today, and many companies depend upon recycled metal for the manufacturing purposes, as it saves money. Therefore, scrap metal recycling business is very profitable for the one who starts it and for the environment as well. Following is a step-by-step approach you can use to start your own scrap metal business:

Set up an area for metal recycling or choose a company

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First decide the metals you are planning to deal in, and accordingly set up a storage unit and an area that you will use for metal recycling. You will need a large space that is safe, as in there no risk of theft. In case you do not want to do the recycling process yourself, then you can tie up with some metal recycling company and sell them all the metal scrap that you collect.

Know where to get the metal scrap

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You will have to get the hang of numerous resources from where you can get a great deal of metal scrap. Such sources include households that discard old refrigerators and other metal scraps, construction units, offices who discard old metal furniture and other things, and federal government is a lucrative source of metal recycling.

Scrap metal prices change frequently, so keep a record

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A scrap metal business is all about paying and charging for the scrap metal exchange, which requires the person in this business to be well aware of the changing prices. The prices change quite often and if you do not know the correct price trend, you can be at big loss. So, be observant regarding the scrap metal price trends. Moreover, have firsthand knowledge regarding the prices of different types of metal, as in there is a huge difference in price steel, copper, aluminium, and alloys.

Business license and permits

Business license and permits

You require a valid business license and a permit to start a metal scrap business just like any other business.


It takes a lot of efforts and resources to extract new metals, so a better option is to use recycled products. This is why many manufacturing units rely on metal scrap outlets to fulfil their metal demand.

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