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Effective Ways to Add Sustainability to Your Residential Building

by Ecofriend1874

Nowadays more and more people are looking to make their homes or residential buildings green. Earlier, the homes used to be naturally green, as people used to source materials from natural resources and then put them together by using natural things. For instance, the nomadic Mongols created yurts using animal skin, earth, straw and mud to make their adobes greener. Here are simple yet effective ways to make your homes sustainable.

Zero Net Energy Homes

Zero Net Energy Homes

When you say that a building is green, you encompass various features. However, when you specifically say zero net energy homes, then that means those homes that use as much energy as is produced inside. Such homes use no fossil fuels and thus have no emissions whatsoever.

Advances in Solar Power

solar energy_1

Solar power has been reinvented and has definitely developed and progressed with more efficient technologies that produce less waste, reduces costs and is creating a revolution. Despite being more efficient, solar power has its own limitations, as the source is the sun and for that, the solar cells need to face the sun directly.

Grid-Aware Appliances

Grid-Aware Appliances

These days, appliances are becoming smarter and operate remotely via phone. Grid aware appliances are those that have many features as they reduce the pressure on the power grid, as these appliances monitor themselves and reduce wastage of electricity.

On-Site Water Treatment Solutions

Gray water collection and reuse of that water_1

Many countries are working towards treating wastewater and turning it into drinking water and Singapore is one such country that is leading the way. However, most countries have not really worked on turning wastewater into potable water, rather using it for other activities. Gray water collection and reuse of that water is a good way of reducing wastage of our precious drinking water.

Mycoform Building Blocks

Mycoform Building Blocks

Environmentalists are working towards making homes using inexpensive old plastic bottles that fill up landfills and are non-biodegradable. Mycoform building blocks are one such effort wherein mushroom roots are used. In this, brick molds are made by growing mycelium spores inside recycled sheets of aluminum.

Intelligent Window Design

Smart windows

Windows with intelligent designs are the latest green creations. Smart windows that have high-tech nano coating provide more efficiency to the building. There are also windows that can change their look with a help of a switch from frosted to dark and so on.

Building Small Homes with Urban Density

small home

There seems to be a trend of having more people in lesser space. This can translate into living in a space that has mixed usages, such as residences and retail stores mixed together in a building. Nontraditional spaces are now becoming the perfect space for building a compact home.

Global Green Energy Scoring System

green home

There are energy ratings systems like LEED, BREEAM and Green Star that are recognized globally. Now they have signed a MOU to develop common criteria for their ratings, making them uniform around the globe. This simple system would reduce the confusion in those people who are buying green homes.

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