Ways to Go Green with Hi-Tech Devices

The best thing to do this year would be to “go green” by using sustainable technology. All the way from laptops to phone chargers and software, there are many ways to use eco-friendly alternatives in technology.

Laptop Case

laptop case from Kena Kai

Get yourself a green laptop case from Kena Kai for $29.99 with material that is 100% environmentally friendly, as it is made out of recycled bottles.

The Nest

The Nest Learning Thermostat

Google acquired nest, a thermostat company, for $3.2 billion and this eco-friendly product uses the Internet for automatically adjusting the temperatures of your home, while you are away!

Phone Charger

Bracketron Mushroom

The Mushroom GreenZero wall charger is the green way of charging your phone. The Bracketron charger helps you in reducing energy bills and wasting electricity.

Green App

The GoodGuide App

The GoodGuide App is a good way of keeping updated about the green goods. This application is available for free on both Android and iOS and helps you search category wise. It helps you to locate the products from a wide range of categories.

Genius Mouse

The Genius DX-ECO 2.4 GHz BlueEye wireless mouse

The Genius DX-ECO 2.4 GHz BlueEye wireless mouse is not only eco-friendly but it also is also ergonomic to ensure productivity at work. It is easy to handle and use. The main feature of this Genius Mouse is that it is battery free and requires only three minutes of charging.

Flash Drive

The SanDisk flash drive has a bamboo encasement,

The SanDisk flash drive has a bamboo encasement, instead of plastic, and therefore is eco-friendly. Bamboo is eco-friendly, as it grows quickly and that too in difficult conditions. You can get one for as less as $15-20.

Web Hosting

Eco-friendly web hosting

Eco-friendly web hosting is something that has implemented, as it works towards making its networks and data centers as green as possible through maintaining a natural way of air conditioning their office building.

Green Cloud

Small Plant

Green Cloud Technologies launched the Plant-a-Tree initiative in collaboration with wherein a tree is planted for each business client. Through this program, there will be over 1,500 trees planted annually.

Desktop Addition

eco-friendly d&h monitor

The monitor by D&H is being termed as eco-friendly along with its high performance. The stand of the monitor is magnetic, which also doubles up as an organizer for reducing tabletop clutter.

Solar-Powered Keyboard

Solar-Powered Keyboard

The keyboard from Logitech runs on solar power, hence it does not require any plugs and batteries or cables. The keyboard has a sleek design and is retailing for $59.99.


By incorporating sustainable technologies that are readily available in the market in your day-to-day life, you will not only do your bit in protecting the earth but also feel positive and good in the bargain.

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