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Unusual Innovations Advocating Sustainable Living

by Ecofriend1874

Various technological advancements are being made for making green goods, ranging from hybrid cars to solar appliances, across the world. Here are some green inventions that may appear a little strange but actually are smarter in their performance.

Blood lamp

Blood lamp

Invented by designer Mike Thomspon, the Blood Lamp is an answer to energy conservation. His creation contributes to energy at the cost of an individual, because you require a drop of blood in order to activate this lamp. This sacrifice would prompt every individual to think about conserving energy. The secret ingredient to the lamp is luminal, which reacts with the RBC in the blood.

White Goat

The White Goat Machine

The White Goat Machine from Oriental is a unique machine that converts your regular paper into toilet paper. All you have to do is insert about 40 paper sheets and you will receive your brand new roll of toilet paper within half an hour. The machine first shreds all the paper and then it dissolves it in water. Then the machine rolls it out thin, and then dries and winds it tight into a roll. According to the company, the cost of making one roll would be approximately 12 cents. The machine is expected to available for $100,000.


Lilypads _1

The day is not very far when many coastal cities might get submerged underwater, as the water level around the world is increasing. The Lilypad is the perfect solution for people that live in low-lying areas, as Vincent Callebaut’s invention is about floating cities that can house 50 thousand people. These self-sufficient floating cities are crafted out of polyester fibers and would have three mountains, marinas, work places, entertainment and shopping areas as well. Apart from that, it will have aquaculture farms under the water line.

Pencil printer

Pencil printer

This concept by Hoyoung Lee is something that will help you keep your pencil stubs, as it separates the wood from the pencil and uses the lead for printing. You will be saving many trees this way and would eliminate the need for purchasing ink cartridges. Furthermore, the printer has an eraser feature and you can reuse the paper by removing the text.

River Gym

river gym

The New York Magazine launched a contest in wherein they asked for novel gym concepts. Creative designers Douglas and Mitchell Joachim came out with the innovative River Gym to won the contest. This floating gym would not only provide workout facility to the New Yorkers but also help in moving boats back and forth from the East and Hudson Rivers. The energy derived from the cardio machines would also help in purifying the water.


Green revolution is fast happening and this refers to a revolution in all things developed in a sustainable manner. The planet needs to be protected and for this it is important to generate alternative energy, reduce wastage and recycle used goods.

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