Best ways to recycle old plastic bottles

Every time, we reuse or recycle a plastic bottle, we are doing our bit for Mother Nature. There are so many ways of recycling old plastic bottles, which would otherwise end up in landfills and harm the environment. Old plastic bottles can be recycled to create a range of artistic and functional items for daily use including, pencil cups, lamps, drawer organizers, vases, etc.

Woven plastic bottle vase

We often throw away a soda bottle, after drinking the beverage, into the garbage bin, but, have you ever thought of making some other creative use of that plastic bottle? A 20 oz soda bottle made of plastic can be given a new life as a beautiful ornamental jar for your flowers. You just require some clever cutting, weaving and folding skills to create a decorative vase out of waste plastic bottle. Use your imagination and you can come up with a number of designs.

The plastic bottle lamp

Disposing plastic bottles lying around the house can be a tedious task, but you can now use these for making beautiful lamp shades. You will require plastic bottles, preferably detergent bottles that have smart shapes and a flat base, along with X-acto blade knife, drill, vaseline, smooth-On 305, fine-grit sandpaper, flat washer, lock washer, nuts, lamp wires, lampshade and socket. Use your imagination and create lampshades that will serve as a decorative object for your living room.

Plastic bottle chandelier

Designer Katherine Harvey is not a new name in the list of artists who create beautiful artworks from trash. She has been doing it before and her recent design is the stunning chandelier that is made from thousands of old and thrown away plastic bottles and containers. Installed in Santiago Calatrava’s Galleria in Toronto, this 21-foot tall and 15-foot wide chandelier is one of her marvellous art works that inspires people to conserve the environment by recycling and reusing dumped objects.

Monster container with bottles

For monster containers, all you need is the bottoms of the two bottles of similar size, scissors, cutter, glue, sticker papers, pencil and markers and zipper. Stick the zipper to the edge of the bottle with help of glue. If required you can also sew the zipper to the bottle using a thick needle. To craft monster eyes, stickers are cut in elliptical form and a pupil is marked with black marker. The monster container is ready to use once completely dry and you can use it for keeping coins or other things.

Reusable raft created from recycled plastic bottles

You can also create a raft from junk plastic bottles. rRaft is a sturdy recycled raft, created by using 450 five litres empty, label-less plastic bottles. The designer collected these plastic bottles from roadsides and junkyards. A garden mesh is created by the plastic bottles and then a plywood board is attached to it, to make it tougher.

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