The energy saving PumPing Tap concept

The PumPing Tap is a simple but innovative concept, where the cord unplugs itself from the socket if it is not used for 10 minutes. This concept is truly an energy saving design, which will be helpful for people who usually forget to unplug their gadgets. This design not only saves the environment but also helps you save loads of money, as a gadget which is plugged in when not in use wastes energy. The innovative concept of PumPing Tap has won it the ‘Red Dot Design Concept award’.

PumPing Tap concept

The PumPing Tap concept is a simple design where the sensors placed in the circuit can detect whether the plug is being actively used, and, if it is not being used, the ring on the outer side of the socket turns from blue to red color. Ten minutes later, if the device is still not being used or switched off, this spring-loaded device literally pops the plug out of the socket.

Though the concept won’t be good for every appliance or gadget, it definitely is a great concept for smaller appliances with transformers like iron boxes, televisions, coffee-makers, mobile chargers, music-systems, hair dryers, etc.

Via: Gizmag

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