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URi Charged Sustainable Energy Generator: The alternative source of power generation

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Sustainable energy is the arrangement for energy which can satisfy today’s energy requirements without causing any effect on your life in the future to meet your energy needs. Sustainable energy is also defined as renewable, alternative and green energy. Any natural resource which is available in large quantities to be converted into an energy which can be used for a long run without causing any harm to our environment, can be used for sustainable energy production. This method converts the non- useful material into energy which can be used by human beings without polluting the surroundings. Let’s have a look how we can convert urine into energy using an energy generator.

Sustainable Energy Generator

The Uri charger system is a portable device that can be used by us to generate electricity using urine. The Uri charger system is eco-friendly and an alternative source for power generation and a great example of generating energy from natural resources or waste material. This device has a separate power unit that can be plugged in into the side of a custom made toilet that separates urine from other waste. The urine collected with the help of this toilet is passed on to a separate compartment called the collection tank. The Uri charger is a very efficient method of generating power and can generate up to 1.5 v of power for every 0.2 ml of urine processed by it.

The Uri charger system’s toilet has a one way valve, that can help avoid any reverse process or reverse flow of waste. This feature allows you to plug in the unit to a custom built toilet where the urine is separated from other solid waste material and gets collected in a separate tank. The device has a metal strip that consists of layers of copper and magnesium that help generate electrical charge when they come in contact with the urine that has been collected, thus helping in driving energy generation. This method will allow you to produce energy using a natural resource without having to pollute the environment making it a great green energy option. The time that the entire process takes is approximately four weeks using the tools that have been described here. It is very handy and can be easily transported from one place to another as the device is light weight. This device can be very useful especially when you are camping, hiking or trekking or are visiting places which are isolated and where there may be no power supply.

This portable energy generator device is a very innovative idea. Uri chargers can be very useful for generating the energy which will help us to make the world go green, avoid pollution which will ultimately lead to save our limited resources. This device is made to use resources which are otherwise considered waste products to generate much required energy and power. The energy produced using this method is also distinct from low carbon energy, because it doesn’t add CO2 in atmosphere. This energy generally contributes to energy security and reduces our dependency on other conventional fuel options like fossil or nuclear fuel resources, providing opportunities for natural resources.

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