Seven electric switches designed to help conserve energy

Conserving the available energy is the need of the hour, since the energy we are utilizing at present is not renewable. It means the energy spent is spent. If we want our next generation to enjoy life as we are enjoying now, we should take necessary steps to preserve the energy. Here we take a look at some of the electrical switches that are helpful for preserving and conserving available energy.

Green Switch

So many times we wish that someone is there to remind us to switch off all the lights and fans, when we hurry to our workplace. When we come home in the evening we find to our dismay that some lights are on for the whole day and we blame our forgetfulness. To solve this problem Green switch comes to our rescue.

It is a wireless switch, which is operated by microchip controlled radio frequency communication. all the switches and plugs in your home are connected to this Green Switch.The only thing you have to do is, switch this Green Switch off before leaving home without playing a blaming game. A message is sent to all the components connected to this Green Switch, and they turn off automatically. The best part of this is, there is no visible or invisible wiring.

Eco switch

Many a time we tend to switch off our computer but forget to switch off the other small items connected to it. We don’t realize that keeping electrical items on available energy is wasted. We need some apparatus to do our job of switching off. There is an Eco switch which takes care of this job. This Eco Switch can be installed easily, and we can prevent our electrical appliances consuming unnecessary energy just using a single switch. We can save a considerable amount of reserve power and our electricity bill simultaneously.

Smart Switch

This smart and intelligent switch allows us to monitor the power consumption every where in our house. Comprising of 4 parts and each part doing a different job the system in this switch helps us to save and allot required electricity to each room.

The first part has smart outlets of power which can be programmed and controlled and the smart switches form the second part which display and control the various power outlets and lights. The third part comprises of main switch which controls the whole system and it also shows how much power is consumed over a period of time. The fourth and final part is a remote to program the system.


The brain child of designer Hyun, this switch works on sensors. It automatically identifies your presence at home or in your room and once you are out, the lights are turned off automatically. The switch can be programmed to switch off the lights after a particular time-gap, say 10 minutes after you go to bed.

Energy Saving Auto Switch

This Auto Switch is suitable for your home or the store house. This can be used only with incandescent and tungsten lighting. This is not an ideal choice for fluorescent, halogen and energy saving and low voltage lights.

Since this switch works on hearing the sound, this is the perfect choice to be used in hallways, staircase and porches.This works even in a place which is dark and can be programmed to stay alive for 50 to 70 seconds after detecting the sound. In the daytime it is automatically turned off.

Off-light switches

This Off-light switch is designed in such a way that the word ‘energy saving’ has a new meaning. It is a piggy bank for our energy saving.This works on a simple modification of our electrical switches and the junction box.

In this switch the usual electrical cover plate has a different job. Instead of consuming the energy it helps to save energy. The normal junction box becomes a piggy bank to save your coins once you drop them inside.

The second part of the design reminds you to wind up the wire there itself after unplugging them or when the electrical switches are no more in use.

Power switch

As the name suggests, this Power switch conserves the energy and prevents wastage of standby power which amounts to 11 percent, when electrical equipment are not in use. Designed by Yong-jin Kim, this allows the user to switch off the lights when they are not used. This is a unique way of saving a month’s energy every year. The good concept and the pretty design are sure to make an impact on consumers.

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