7 Innovative ways to recycle old phone booths

7 Innovative ways to recycle old Phone Booths

Nowadays, everything which is no more used is being recycled. Be it old cycles, waste products, paper-the list goes on. Have you ever thought about those lonely old phone booths which are no more in use? Yes, they can be recycled too. These old phone booths can be reused as aquariums, libraries and many more. With the ascent of cell phones the phone booths have become obsolete. These phone booths consume a lot of space also. So, it is better to reuse them as something instead of just keeping them on the side of the road. Let us read through 7 Innovative ways to recycle old phone booths.

1. Outhouse


The old phone booths can be used as outhouses in forests. People in urgent need to go to the toilet can use these outhouses. This does not offer the best privacy but it is always a better substitute than the bushes. The walls are usually transparent and that’s why full privacy is not guaranteed. Another drawback is that they don’t have any flush!

2. Pub entrance

Pub entrance

Another way to use these old phone booths is to convert them into pub entrances. The old red phone booth should no longer invite the customer to make a call but rather it should invite the thirsty to come and have a drink. Such pub entrances can be found in a village of Germany called Regesbosel.

3. EV recharging station

EV recharging station

In Austria, one can find these phone booths to be used as EV recharging station. The people of Austria, who own electric cars can, get their cars refueled from there. This service is not only beneficial for these people but also free for an initial trial period. Now, most of the modern phone booths in Austria are being converted into EV recharging stations.

4. Ad space

Ad space

Old phone booths can be also used as an effective mean of advertising. They are blue in color and the doors are locked without any handle. The advertisements are placed inside the phone booth and the people interested are most welcomed to watch the offers through the glass. This not only promotes companies or any product but also shows how old phone booths can be used as ad spaces.

5. Art gallery

Art gallery

Phone booths can also be simply converted into art galleries. There is one such gallery located at Yellow Springs. This displays art works by various artists. The main aim of this is to make old phone booths useful as art galleries. It is an awesome way to advertise art works and also makes good use of the old phone booth. These art galleries underline the fact that no space is small enough when it comes to creativity and art.

6. Library


Libraries can be set up in the old phone booths which are no longer being used. Actually, the world’s smallest library is in the form of a phone booth. This is located in north Somerset, England. This village lost its only mobile library service and phone booth in 2008. The people of the village did not want to lose either of them. So, they decided to combine the two and the result was a library in the form of phone booth.

7. Aquarium


Artist Benedetto Bufalino and designer Benoit Deseille designed the most innovative way to make use of a phone booth. They converted it into an aquarium. This glass cage is filled with water and exotic fishes. The aquarium was displayed in Lyon light festival in 2007. This is a spectacular piece of creativity. This is probably the most elegant and artistic way to reuse an old degrading phone booth. It is indeed the most stunning urban art to make an useless phone booth so attractive.

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