Raincatch raincoat offers recycled water to its thirsty wearer


Fashion industry was one of the first industry to bring in the “Go Green” revolution by introducing biodegradable textiles and various recyclable items. “Raincatch” raincoat designed by Hyeona Yang and Joshua Noble is a similar creation that collects and purifies rainwater and converts it into a drinkable form that could be sipped while walking in a downpour.

Water used by this unique water filter is collected through the raincoat collar from where it seeps down the back of the coat. Charcoal filtration is used to clean rainwater and various chemical processes make it potable. This clean water in then stored around the coat shoulders and in a series of pockets around the inside of the jacket. Multiple straws or tubes from these pockets offer clean and potable water which could be sipped in any time whenever the wearer feels thirsty.

“Raincatch” is not just a coat but its water collecting, purifying and storing system makes it an environmentally affable garment. The coat has a very simple and elegant appeal, and has been designed in a way that reveals the internal working of the coat but hides the water storing system. The main focus has been kept on maintaining the clean water form instead of giving it a stylish and trendy look.

Via: Treehugger

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