Unique kitchen cabinet styles for your eco friendly home

Many families these days are turning completely environment friendly. They are even trying to use kitchen cabinets, which are made from eco friendly materials or from trees that are not endangered. If you belong to one of those families or you want to go green, then here are a few choices for an eco friendly kitchen cabinet.

1. Mismatched do it yourself kitchen

Mismatched Do It Yourself Kitchen

The best way to go all out eco-friendly is to simply do it yourself. In fact even if you manage to mismatch your kitchen cabinets it doesn’t matter because that’s the new thing in town! The best part about this type of kitchen cabinet is that you can simply pick out the styles that you like and it doesn’t even have to match! That’s the entire beauty of it. You can use kitchen cabinets whcih you think are eco-friendly. Worrying about whether it goes with the rest of the kitchen or not isn’t even an issue!

2. Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood

This is probably the most eco-friendly you can go with a cabinet. Why do I call this eco-friendly? Well the name probably says it all. These kitchen cabinets are made from reused wood. Plus these cabinets just look marvelous in your kitchen. The natural grain look really manages to set an earthy tone to your kitchen. So at the end of the day when you get back from a tiring day at work, working in the kitchen will be more relaxing for you thanks to these kitchen cabinets.

3. St. Charles super modern green cabinets

St. Charles super modern green cabinets

These modern cabinets from St. Charles are the perfect blend between ecofriendly and modern kitchen cabinets. These cabinets are made from various powder coated products as well as stainless steel. You get a choice between 23 colors if you want to opt for these green modern cabinets. Plus if you want eco-friendly cabinets, here’s a fun fact. Seventy percent of St. Charles’s cabinets are made from recyclable materials. So if you want a kitchen which looks stylish and sleek then you have found just the right kitchen cabinet for you!

4. Do It Yourself Kitchen Cabinets Made From Wine Crates

Do It Yourself Kitchen Cabinets Made From Wine Crates

If you want your kitchen cabinets to look really unique without harming the environment or cutting down more trees, then simply recycle. And what better raw material to use than wine crates! In fact this is what Petz Scholtus and Sergio Carratala did with their kitchen. The best part is that these cabinets even had the push on system!

5. Neil Kelly Eco Friendly Cabinets

Neil Kelly kitchen cabinets

The Neil Kelly company features kitchen cabinets which are non toxic in nature. In fact you can manage to find out a eco-friendly cabinet for any type of family. The cabinets of this company are not infected by formaldehyde glues or any adhesive materials. In fact the finishes are environmental friendly as well!

6. Bamboo kitchen cabinets

Bamboo kitchen cabinets

When you think of eco-friendly materials the first thing that comes to your mind is bamboo. And what better way to build eco-friendly cabinets than with bamboo! Bamboo is probably the easiest to harvest and it also grows back at a fast rate, then you don’t really need to worry about deforestation with this as the base material for your cabinets. In fact bamboo cabinets are really strong and they can manage to withstand weights which are heavy as well. Plus it gives your kitchen a very attractive look and you can get different shades of colors as well.

7. Invitrum eco friendly kitchen cabinets

Invitrum eco friendly kitchen cabinets

Valcucine introduced the very first eco friendly sustainable kitchen. This kitchen was basically made completely of glass and aluminium. The entire design of the kitchen tried to keep the objective of use of minimal raw materials and saving of maximum energy in mind. These cabinets are actually expected to last for more than 15 years! These kitchen cabinets are the ultimate combination of a strong carbon fiber along with a smooth and sophisticated finish. So if you want to go for something which is quite out of the ordinary then this is the perfect kitchen cabinet for you.

8. C & M Wilkins and Fieldstone Cabinetry

C & M Wilkins and Fieldstone Cabinetry

The C & M Wilkins gives you three different ranges of styles to choose from. You could either opt for bamboo or wengewood or even rosewood. What this basically tells you is that the company does not use any sort of endangered trees in making their products. This company provides you with healthy and stylish cabinets which are perfect for all families!

Hence you can decide from a wide variety of choices about the type of kitchen cabinet you want. You choose from anything between a natural wood look to an extremely futuristic look. And the upside of all this is that you can style your kitchen while going green too!

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