How to make double hung windows using old materials

Use of double hung windows in homes is quite old and still there are large numbers of people who prefer them for their homes. The leading benefit of these windows is that they are suitable for almost every home. Generally, when it is the matter of double hung windows, people prefer to design their own windows with their own efforts. People prefer to design double hung windows by own efforts mainly because of the reason that they will get what exactly they want. Any material that suits the windows can be used for this tasks but majority of time people prefer old materials for designing the double hung windows.

There is lot of things that one has to keep in the mind before designing the double hung window through old materials. It is necessary to consider influences on a design before starting any work. Also it is better to have a look at the features of the design.

1. Selection of materials

When it is the matter of choosing old materials, there are large number of options that are easily available. Selection of materials depends upon on lot of things and especially on the type of weather on the place where these windows are to be installed.

2. Designing the double hung windows using wood

Wood is one of the better options for designing such windows. Generally, wood is one of the oldest materials available for this and is preferred for this task mainly because of its durability. For designing the double hung windows through wood, what one has to do is:

  • Firstly, select the design and size of the window to be designed.
  • Next step is to cut the wood as per the design. Cutting tasks include cutting of wood in different shapes and sizes so better is cut them with full concentration. For this, some of the tools are needed which can be taken on rent. Use of red cedar wood is a great option.
  • Wooden parts can be joined using iron sticks.
  • Paint the windows once they are installed because painting them before installation may destroy the paint during installation.
  • Selection of glass is not a big task and majority of times a plain glass is used.

It must always be remembered that wood is not suitable for all weather conditions. Wood is a better option for places have less annual rainfall in a year.

3. Using iron for designing double hung windows

The use of iron for designing double hung window is quite common just like wood. The iron has its own merits and demerits over wood. The designing procedure of these windows through iron is same as design of windows through wood but there is one major issue with iron and that is cutting and designing of iron is quite hard and for this sometime complex tools are required. It is because of this reason, people do not prefer DIY task for designing double hung window through iron. Generally, iron double hung windows are suitable for majority of weather conditions.

4. Plastic is another wise choice

Just like iron and wood, plastic is another one of the oldest materials that is preferred by large number of people for designing double hung window in their own way. The leading advantage of plastic is that it is suitable for any design any size. Another advantage of plastic is its low cost and long life. Plastic has one leading disadvantage and that is it loses its grace, when come under direct sunlight and thus not suitable for places having dry atmosphere.

Some important things to be kept in mind while using plastic are:

  • This material needs perfect cutting and a small variation in size may result in failure of entire design.
  • Joining the plastic needs lot of care and thus task is performed by a burning process.

5. Installation of double hung windows

There are generally two sashes that one has to implement while designing the double hung windows. One sash is at the top of window while other at the bottom. Both of them are movable. Balancing devices are used for shifting the sashes up and down and they also support their movement as well. The overall weight of sash is balanced by overall weight of balancing devices thus windows can easily be set at any position.

Double hung windows can easily be designed using old materials and by preferring old materials one can have lot of benefits including cost saving and especially one can get the desired design for his/her double hung windows. Use of double hung windows designed with old materials has become a modern trend nowadays.

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