Unique and aesthetic 99K house

The 99 K house seeks to make people aware about the green awareness strategies applicable to people who can afford such housing. The houses can both be made and sold for $99,000 or even less. There was a lottery for the housing. Entrants were selected from a group representing 29 U.S states and 16 countries. Five finalists were finally chosen from 182 entrants for the 99K sustainable, reasonably priced house that surely addresses the needs of an even low income family especially in the Gulf Coast region. The five finalists will be awarded a $5,000 award, next the competition will go on to stage II.


The program has been planned into public as well as private spaces. It has been designed with great articulation with an outdoor living which faces eastward and a rainwater harvester facing westward in order to provide water to the residence as well as the vegetable garden. The internal component shift and alter within the composite structure allowing respective owners to adjust their area according to family needs. The artistic form of the archetypal residence is not only simple, in moderation, but acknowledges time and place of its surroundings without giving in to wistful reference. UNIQUE HOUSETHE FLOOR PLAN OF 99K HOUSE


As an optional water supply, accumulation of rainwater and harvesting has been activated upon the region’s modest annual input, brought together by the wide single sloping metal roof and channelized finally to the collection tank. It has placed the tank on the west altitude in every single case. This is to minimize the exposure to the intense Texas sun almost all around the year. The water in the tank is circulated by the motor as well as pump through a succession of PVC pipes connected to plumbing fixtures inside the house and to the self sustained food harvesting superb vegetable garden.

The type of construction is extremely simple and conventional compared to the standards of residential construction, keeping in mind the reasonably priced labor pool of the region. Building materials have been chosen in a cost effective manner. They are not only environment friendly but cost effective too. The energy efficient parameters are no doubt practical and shall assist in better living situations.

Source: The 99K House

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