Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: An aero vehicle propelled by wind power

The basic concept of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is based upon the power of sun and wind to propel. The shape of the current aircraft resembles the shape of a bird. The UAV is based on the mechanism like birds, which use wind power to fly. As birds utilize wind energy for their flying purpose and spend minimum physical energy, the UAV also uses wind power for all their gliding movements and to change their areal path.

Aerial vehicle

Design mechanism

The UAV is designed consolidating an artificial intelligence to it which would be helpful to forecast solar intensity and control the wind patterns for path planning. This mechanism is also expected to provide power to the UAV. The UAV is designed to serve efficient flying as it is based on wind pattern flying. It is also vowed to be the cheapest UAV available in market as it utilizes renewable source of energy such as sun and wind to fly. The product is a new and impressive one that can provide artificial intelligence. It has been a long time, many avionic scientists trying to implement artificial intelligence in an aerial vehicle for various information as solar intensity.


If this design works to its expectations, it could help in many useful prospects. It could assist to inspect power line transmissions to find out the fault in the power lines so that it could save enough man power and the maintenance work can be executed quickly and efficiently. It can also be proved useful in disaster relief as it can detect the most disastrous areas with its artificial intelligence. 3D mine mapping and various scanning works can also be performed by this UAV.

Now, the efficiency of this UAV development might pave the way to commercialize it in a few years.

Source: Physorg

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