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Turning a ditch into as sustainable public space

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Improper management of waste has been a huge concern lately. Adequate disposal and treatment of waste, so that it does not harm the environment in any way, is very important. Waste thrown out of our homes can be easily put to good use. Urban architecture of the future should take into account all waste management challenges and seek to provide a sustainable solution. One such viable project is coming up at Providence, Rhode Island.

Into the Trenches

A ditch, which goes 80 feet deep, would be constructed in the city. Water out flowing from the city would then be amassed there. The accumulated water will be treated and then directed back into the river through an all new low lying canyon that will be built in the city.

The space will also be a center for waste management. Today, most of the waste from Rhode Island is dumped into landfills and they will get saturated in the coming few decades. Thus, a waste management facility is really needed keeping the future in mind. Moreover, the boundary slopes of the structure will be used as a public recreation zone. Anaerobic digestors, fitted into the structure, will convert solid waste into energy. This energy will be utilized to power up the facility as well as the public space. The whole layout is planned beautifully; it looks nothing like a recycling plant. The structure has a modern built and a refreshing setting.

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