TriCascade’s Wi-Fi-enabled power outlets save energy wastage


Any technology that saves a bit of energy is precious today. When energy crisis is impending, such techs and products make big news. At CES 2012, we witnessed to the launch of lots of advanced energy saving technologies. The one TriCascade exhibited is highly interesting, though. It is a Wi-Fi enabled smart home energy system to gauge and control electricity usage of each power outlet in a house.

The central system of the TriCascade technology communicates with each power outlet in the house. It can identify the energy usage and track sockets that use power in large amount. Well, using the system, you can put different areas of the house in low energy mode and program power supply to various rooms for future.

What makes more exciting is that the system can be controlled remotely using an app on your smartphone even away from home. Yes, you can access the power system of your house even while you are in office over Wi-Fi connectivity. Well, you can now go for weekly trips and business tours with no fear of unplugging your mobile charger or microwave oven back at home.

The entire power supply in your house comes in your control, thanks to the TriCascade’s Wi-Fi domestic power management system. In the end, you will have a small power bill and you can also reduce a bit of your carbon footprint this way. It is not clear when TriCascade will bring the product into stores for grabs.


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