Top ideas to dine the eco friendly way

The country has developed a habit of consuming only those foods that are sustainable; these kinds of foods are usually sourced through farmers markets, or eggs from cage free chickens, organic vegetarian or non vegetarian produce and foods that are genetically modified.

VegetablesWhile these terms and others like it have become part of the cultural lingo, one has to consider whether organic foods are really all that they are made out to be, are they really better for our health and if these food trends are good for the earth as well.

urlLess is more:

Lets start with how we buy foods, yes, even this can be done in an eco friendly way. Look for those products that have very little packaging like fresh produce that does not have wrapping or you can consider buying meat straight from the deli that sell meat covered in minimal packing. Most food packaging is made out materials that are not sustainable and adds to waste. The worst materials are Styrofoam, which is carcinogenic and it produced using energy intensive processes that add to air pollution.

urlChange the way you shop;

Go to stores that actively care about the planet in their selections of foods and company practices, choose those stores that offer organic and/ or local foods, place doors in the refrigerated section to save energy, use recyclable packaging and offer a recycling program.

FChoose local:

Opt for produce that is locally sourced as it will lower the carbon foot print and they are also healthier. Foods that are certified as organic are cultivated using farming methods that are based on promoting biodiversity, recycling resources and stay away from usingbioengineered genes, synthetic pesticides and sewage based fertilizers. Organic foods can be pricy even if they are more beneficial, so look for those foods that are as organic as possible and that fit your budget and limit purchases to those that will make the biggest difference.

couple-cookingChange diet habits:

Eat raw vegetables and fruits instead of sautéing or boiling it as this will save energy used by cooking appliances; you will also get more nutrition out of it. Eating locally means that you will have to use seasonal foods only but you can preserve foods in the right way so that you can eat them all year round and gain their nutritional benefits, east locally and save the world at the same time.

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