Environment friendly business initiatives that can help save our planet

If you are starting a business or already have one and want to go green then at the beginning, it may appear to be an intimidating task. However, small things can also go a long way in reducing burden on the environment. In the long run you will find that your eco-friendly initiatives provide good cost savings as well. Let us go through some of the things we can do in our businesses to save the planet.

Office-PrinterLess printing:

In any business, almost thirty-five percent of the waste is paper. You can reduce this figure by not printing all the emails you get and properly organize the email inbox itself. If you have to keep backup, store on external drives rather than printed hard copies. 

466223293Go digital:

You need not to print contracts required for your business purposes, you could simply use Adobe Acrobat or other software like e-signature to electronically sign the document as well as get signatures from your clients on the document without the need to print it. 

modern interiorReduce electricity consumption:

Sometimes we keep the computer running and forget to switch it off before leaving the office. You thus need to switch off the main powers always, so that all gadgets in the office are turned off when you are leaving in the evening. 

178187053Recycling Bins:

Nowadays composite worm bins are available which have least amount odor and such bins can be placed at several places in the office such as break rooms or cafeteria.

164772987Collaborate with other green companies:

It is quite likely that other companies who are also making the effort to go green and you should network with such companies. Additionally, you need to make sure the supply chain you work with is also green and you will have to look for green vendors for your supplies.


On this site, you can find products that others have given instead of throwing them away. Most of these products are in working condition and you can easily use them in your office. 

86484655Start recycling program:

After any electronic item stops working, instead of throwing it away try to give it to institutes like Recycling for Charities. Some computer manufacturers also have take back schemes which you can make use of. 

carpet-1-740x333Build Green:

At the time of building, your new office try to use green material such as flooring using recycled material and window coverings made from bamboo.


We can do many things to help save the planet and use green technology that has lesser impact on the environment.

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