Top eco-friendly hospitals in the USA

Here is a list of hospitals that prove they care about their patients and the environment by taking time and care to change the way they run and operate.

asfgKaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is a hospital that deeply cares for its community and patients. It has been awarded 32 awards in the year 2014 alone for its sustainable practices. It happens not just at one branch site, but at all the Permanent sites. Collectively, they have 13 solar panels on their roofs, producing over 17 million kilowatt hour in clean energy. There is also an operating natural gas fuel cell that generates power of facilities. The hospital has avoided emitting 16,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases from being released.


Lauder Center for Maternity Care

The architect of this design spent a long time thinking about how he could make the space work better and use less harmful chemicals. Guenther of Guenther 5 Architects, reduced the amount of PVC in the air. Because the site was going to be a maternity hospital, it was important that the materials they use be environmentally friendly. Chemicals like PVC have been linked to developmental problems in children, although no conclusive evidence has been given. To cut waste in the building, much of the existing materials were used. Windows were replaced with energy saving glass.

fwegLegacy Health System Salmon Creek Hospital

Legacy Hospital is another hospital that has received many accolades. In 2008, it received the System for Change award for its will and determination to install sustainable practices in place. These include giving patients control over the how much light comes into their rooms. It is a part of a study they are running. They switched out toxic chemicals and created green living space to increase patient well-being.


Emory University’s Winship Cancer Institute

This care facility is committed to making an atmosphere of health for its patients. Sustaining the environment is one of its top priorities. It is LEED certified and committed to protecting its clients from harmful chemicals. Patients with cancers have lowered immune systems so it is easier for them to get sick. It also makes them more vulnerable to chemicals. They got rid of all the equipment and building materials that used PVC and put in higher quality materials inside. Materials that won’t negatively affect the patients. They even implemented a green cleaning program to clean the rooms.


Boulder Community Foothills

Boulder was the first hospital in the nation to achieve LEED Silver certification. The mountainous region where the hospital is located receives little rain. The landscape was designed to only use plants that didn’t use a lot of water. With more water saving technology, their water usage was reduced by 70%.It encourages its staff to use other modes of transportation such as bikes, buses, and carpools. This further reduces the emissions.


Hospitals are seen as places where people go to get well. It is all the more better that hospitals are seriously considering going environmentally friendly, and several are leading the change.

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