The worst beach states of the United States of America

In the USA, the beach states are rated based on the quality of water.  The NRCD or Natural Resources Defense Council has been measuring the level of water pollution in the beach states and ranking them accordingly for the last six years. This measure has been taken so that the beach states become more aware about water pollution and try to prevent it. The Natural Resources Defense Council has surveyed over 3,400 beaches around the US and considered the Great Lake Beaches as well as the sea beaches.

Maine beaches_1

They have found horrifying results from their survey. Tainted and polluted water often flows into the seas and the lakes from the sewage and pollutes it. Such water is full of gut germs and contaminates the clean water. When people use this contaminated water they fall sick without ever understanding the source of germs or infection. The Environment Protection Agency has determined what the highest percentage of gut bacteria in seawater should be and NRCD has followed it for finding out the worst sea beach states.

Ohio Beach


There are around 63 beaches around the Eerie Lake in Ohio but unfortunately, most of them show high levels of water pollution. The Cleveland beach water contains 60% more gut bacteria than the highest level of safe percentage of bacteria. Contaminated water makes Ohio one of the worst beach states.

Alaska beaches


Alaska is not on the top of your list when you plan a beach vacation but it too has long coastal area. The short lived summer can be enjoyed in the 25 beaches of Alaska by riding kayaks. These beaches are not well maintained and as a result, they show considerably higher levels of pollution. Kenai beaches are more polluted than the other beaches and need regular maintenance and monitoring.

Mississippi beaches


Mississippi has a 43 miles long coastal line, and the beaches continue to become more polluted every year. Steps should be taken immediately to control the water contamination and pollution level in Mississippi.  Gulfport and Bay St. Louis are more polluted than the rest.

Maine beaches


The quality of water near the coastal areas of Maine has degraded over the last five years. The York County beaches, Rockport and Camden are the areas where the level of germs in the water is highest.

Many of the beaches in the US continue to show increased levels of pollution. The main reason of pollution is the free mixing of wastewater with sea and lake water, and bacterial contamination that happens as a result.

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