Top designers in India who are eco friendly

It is about time that we should realize that we play a big part of and also hold the biggest responsibility towards the environment. It is not just about basic recycling and choosing to be vegetarian, but rather a bigger outlook over the things that we use or consume like vehicles, fuel usage, energy usage and even our fashion choices. Many people are increasingly looking out for fashion brands that are environmentally conscious and that use materials that have been consciously sourced.

20295People often hold on to a misconception that designs that are eco friendly are either not possible or are cost prohibitive and that in some cases fashions and being environmentally conscious cannot be put together at all. This could not be farther from the truth as there are many options in which sustainable designs can be affordable and can even be cost effective if planned well. There are also instances where sustainable designs may cost nothing much really.

This is an idea that many of the top designers in India are slowly beginning to realize; for example, interior decorators can plan to build their next housing or residential project with an orientations that takes advantage of the sunlight or away from it depending upon the climate which would not really cost them any thing extra.


Fashion designers as well have also joined a number of designers and artists who have felt that being green gives them that many more options. The Indian fashion industry in particular has grown rapidly because of a rise in urbanization and industry and has created a new middle class with disposable income. As the consumption of this class evolves so has their demand for ethical clothing.

wqeqwewqewqewqe1052392728They are also aware of what it means to be environmentally conscious and many have begun to look for fashion labels that are green- this is market that is slowly but surely picking up pace and is projected to grow to about 5% by 2015 and Seth Petchers of the Shop for Change –Fair trade has told India Time that over 70% of consumers in India will choose to buy green products over other products if a high standards of quality is maintained.

He has also said that there is plenty of opportunities for green fashion brands as Indian consumers will accept them if they are made aware of the products and where they can buy them.

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