Latest sports products that are eco friendly

The environmental factor has affected almost all aspects in how we live our lives- we try to reduce our carbon foot print in almost everything that we do, so why not play our favorite sports in a green way as well? The green movement has picked up a lot of momentum and the sports equipment industry has also caught on as they have begun to release that the equipment that we use to go outside and enjoy our natural surrounding s may be destroying it as well.

qqeweqweqweClipboard01Recycled basketball:

Sports giant Wilson has found ways in which they can be green in their manufacture of the very bet of sports equipment. The Rebound Recycled basketball is made from 40% scrap rubber and is packaged in a box that is crafted out of board that is 80% recycled materials. You can buy them online for just $ 12 the quality is just the same.

qweqewqewqewqClipboard01Sports bottles;

Sports bottles are usually made from plastic and are often discarded after a few uses; a number of companies are developing eco friendly sports bottles that are either biodegradable or are free from harmful chemicals. Some of the bottles are made form recycled plastic and are BPA free. You can also buy the stainless steel or aluminum bottles are they can be reused and will not break easily like glass.

sportsballsFair trade Sports;

This is a sport equipment manufacturing company that has eliminated their sweat shop labor to make it fairer for the workers who make the equipment and for the earth as well. The sports balls are made entirely out of materials that are vegan like rubber that has been harvested responsibly from sustainable forests and they have also developed initiatives through which they support the places from which their materials are sourced and the community that depends on them.


Green sports shoes:

This is another essential sports item and so it was only a matter of time before companies found ways to make them greener. Brooks is a company that has developed a line of sports shoes that are made form recycled materials and they also sell sneakers that have a biodegradable mid sole. Mizuno is another brand that has reduced the amount of oil consumption and the waste that results from manufacturing their shoes and uses the plastic from discarded bottles to create all their shoes.

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