The best ways to drive in an eco-friendly manner

Technology has made our life quite easy, but it can also be credited with many other perils too. In fact, the advancement in automobiles has added up to air pollution and global warming with the increase in CO2 emissions.  However, with the rise in environmental awareness and the need to preserve our environment, technology is now being made to become more sustainable and eco-friendly, particularly in the case of automobiles.  However, being a responsible citizen, there are many other ways in which you can contribute to green driving and here is how:

Foot on AcceleratorDo not overuse the accelerator: 

Always consider staying within your speed limits as excess speed burns excess fuel.  Do not frequently accelerate and break- because by doing so you will be reducing your fuel tank.  This simple change will help you to save on a lot of fuel.

junk-trunkClean your car clutter and lighten it up: 

There are times when heavy instruments and equipment are still lying inside your boot from a previous camping trip.  Make sure that you clean the clutter from your car and boot because that extra weight ends up burning more fuel.  If your car has roof racks, then remove them if they are not being used as they produce drag and lead to fuel consumption.

Car-Engine-Overheats-07Do not always turn on the air conditioning:

If it’s good weather outside, then do not turn the air conditioning on- just simply open the windows and enjoy the fresh air.  This will also save you a lot of petrol.

Check your pressureGet your tyre pressure checked from time to time: 

Do not under inflate or over inflate your tyres, as an incorrect tyre pressure not only damages your tyres but also increase fuel consumptions.

travel_by_carAdvancing planning of trip: 

Always plan your trip in advance or simply use a GPS to decide on the quickest and shortest route.  However, try to use public transport as much as possible or try clubbing your various tasks in a single journey.


You can make your car journey a green one in many different ways, even if you do not have a hybrid vehicle or a swanky energy saving automobile.  Consider saving fuel at all times, through the above-listed various ways and you will find how fuel-efficient your car becomes apart the money that you save from burning less fuel!

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