Tips to raise cats and dogs in an eco-friendly manner

As a pet owner, you will agree that health of your pets comes first and everyone wants their pets to live a good life. To achieve this it is important to make use of pet supplies and products, which are environment friendly. Let us look at some of the things you can do raise eco-friendly cats and dogs.

20121009-pet+shelter-IMG_9743-Amal+ChenAdopting instead of Breeding: Towards meeting the aim of going green, the first thing you need to do is adapt your puppy or kitten from animal shelter in your locality. As per reports, about four to five million cats and dogs are euthanized every year in animal shelters all over the US and your adoption will be a lot good for these animals.

tsc-spayneuter-5Sterilization: Make sure your cat or dog is sterilized so that unnecessary pregnancies can be prevented and population of dogs as well as cats can be kept within limits.

4792037_f520Stop from Wandering: You need to make sure your dogs or cats remain inside the yard so that they cannot wander around in the locality. These animals are natural predators and can easily kill other type of wildlife in the region. The best option is to put up a fence but if it looks unsightly then you can also use underground fence will is visually appealing and serves the purpose.

solid_falling_leaves_bamboo_dog_collar_1Recycled Products: At the time of purchasing a dog collar, make sure it is of natural material like bamboo or hemp. Similarly, toys can also be of recycled material and the containers for storing as well as serving the food.

Natural Pet FoodOrganic Food: Always purchase food for your dogs and cats that is organic as well as do not have any additives. The benefit of organic food is that it does not have any of the harmful antibiotics or hormone supplements in it.

DSCF1333Waste bags: At the time, you take your dog or cat for a walk then you need to clean up the mess they leave. Ideally, you should use biodegradable waste bags, which easily decompose and thus are good for the environment.

118532-425x282-RosemaryfleaRepellents: Utilize natural repellents for flea and ticks which are better than the toxic chemicals and less harmful for your pets as well as the environment.

A Final Note

There are many options available if you want to adapt eco-friendly methods for your pets. These environment friendly steps will be good for the health of your pets as well as protect our environment from further degradation.

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