Tips to make your car environment friendly and fuel-efficient

Cars have become a necessity nowadays and are also the leading source of environmental pollution around the world. In a recent study, it was found that in the US around 20% of greenhouse gases are emitted by cars only. However, there are many steps we can take to reduce our carbon footprint and become more eco-friendly, let us look at how.


Green Cars: There are now hybrids available, which give better mileage, give out less emission and help you save on gas. Biodiesel is also now readily available as is vegetable oil and many of the diesel cars easily run on these fuels. Other fuel option is ethanol and you can also look into purchasing an electric car.

Green Driving: Better driving techniques can lead to greater fuel economy. You need to run the car to desired speed limit as well as prevent frequent starts and stops.

car maintenance

Tune Up: Do regular maintenance, keep the air filters clean and tune up the car. In US people can save as much as two billion gallons of gas every year if the tires are kept adequately inflated. Additionally, leave off things that are not required in the car, your car’s fuel economy is reducing due to extra weight.

Carpool: Try to find neighbors or co-workers going in the same route as you are and share the same car. This will help to reduce number of cars of the road as well as lower air pollution levels.


Ditch the Junk Cars : If you currently drive a car that’s very bad for the environment, consider donating it or selling your car to a car buying service.

AC Usage: Reduce use of AC by occasionally keeping the windows open or using a solar fan inside the car. Additionally use reflective windshields as well as park the car in the shade so that it remains cool.

Avoid Idling: Idle engines can result in a lot of pollution and reduce your fuel economy as well. If the engine is idle for 10 seconds or more then it is better to turn off and restart again.


Short Transits: In case you are going at a nearby place, then try using the public transit, walk or take your bike. If groceries are what you are going to buy then bikes can have backpack to accommodate such things.

Telecommute: You can avoid commuting during the rush hours and make use of technological advancements to achieve your tasks. Nowadays you have video chats, instant messaging and teleconferencing available, which can be put to good use to communicate with your employees or clients.


Options are always available if you have the desire to save the environment. Car while being a utility is at the same also a major contributor to pollution and your concerned steps can help to make it more eco-friendly.

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