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Tips to conserve heat in winters

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Ever wondered how much energy we waste in making us feel a little cozy in winter. The cold season is fast approaching and here are some green tips to can make you feel cozier than ever without being hard on the pocket! Just make sure to check and prevent any heat loss and a lighter electricity bill is guaranteed this winter.

Simply follow these do-it-yourself tips:

Look up around the house

Look up around the house. Incase you find some gaps or crackups, just seal them. A simple and inexpensive caulking and weather stripping of windows and doors would save you a lot of dollars. Try doing it yourself but in case the house is really leaky consider calling a professional.

Remember to change the filters of the gas central heating systems

Remember to change the filters of the gas central heating systems, to maintain the efficiency of the furnace. Gas systems require a check up every two years whereas oil-fired systems need yearly maintenance.

Feel for air leaks

Feel for air leaks that develop in the ducts due to old heating systems. Replace the duct tape and seal the leaking areas well. Use a long lasting mastic sealant or tapes designed for such applications.

Lower that Thermostat

Lower that Thermostat! Try this at least for an hour everyday and the bills would come down by 10%. Instead insulate yourself by wearing that sweater.

Switch off the heating system

Switch off the heating system one hour before you leave the house. This way your house would still be warm by the time you leave and you would end up saving some electricity too.

Enjoy the natural heat

Enjoy the natural heat on hot days. Open up the blinds, curtains and let the solar energy warm up your house. Incase its too hot outside, don’t open the doors or windows instead put the thermostat on low. At night put the drapes down on windows and this would keep the heat inside and the temperatures high on a cold night.

Let insulation be the mantra

Let insulation be the mantra. Insulating of attics and basements can help stop heat flow from the house to the attic in winters. Close all the rooms that are not required. This would decrease the area that needs to be heated.

Restrict opening the refrigerator door

Restrict opening the refrigerator door as it pulls cold air for with in and compressor comes on thereby consuming more energy.

Control the temperature of the water heater

Control the temperature of the water heater. Setting your water heater’s temperature in the 130-degree range instead of a higher one requires less energy to heat and to hold the water. Every 10 degrees you dial down the thermostat can knock 3 to 5 percent off your water-heating bill.

Close that Damper

Close that Damper. Dampers in the fireplaces have the option of being closed when not in use. It brings in the cold air from outside thus making the heating of the house a little inefficient.

Energy conservation is not that difficult. One has to look for ways to conserve it. Simple changes in the way we live, changes in our habits and above all our attitudes can make a huge difference.

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