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Star Wars TIE Fighter replica crafted from plywood and cardboard

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If you are not a devoted Star Wars fan, it can sometimes be hard for you to understand the passion that comes attached with it. You see people camping for a couple of days to buy memorabilia and collectibles that for most others would mean absolutely nothing. But then, each one of us has our own passions and if you want to buy a Star Wars TIE Fighter that you can actually fit in, then this is the time to swoop in and spend some cash.

Giant TIE Fighter

This one is for sale and it can actually hold a 300-pilot inside. Coming in at a size of 8X8 feet, you can drive it around your place as well as it comes on wheels. The best part is that unlike the ultra-cool and uber-futuristic TIE Fighter in the game, this one is made out of Plywood and cardboard. Nothing fancy about the materials and cardboard wings, but it at least makes it a tad bit green in production!

Well the upside of the make is that you can pocket it for $150, unless someone is bidding more for it. Then you can be prepared for some fun bidding war. The cockpit itself is 38X38 inches and if you like TIE Fighters, you might as well give it a try at your own risk. For us though this reminds us of Leonard Hofstadter buying the giant ‘time machine’. But in this case we are specifying that it is not a miniature model well in advance, just so that you know for sure what you are getting in to!

Via: Gizmodo

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