Tiny houses worthy of admiration and wonder

Small homes are becoming quite popular nowadays with living space becoming a major concern in many of the large cities around the world. These homes are cost effective as well as have many innovative space saving features that help to fit in many of the essential items that you require for your living.

Little Houses from around the world

Epu Tiny House

Epu Tiny House: It is a 15 feet long and 8 feet wide house which is built upon a double axle trailer measuring 7×14 feet. The ceiling on the inside is at a height of 6’3’’ and has 3’8’’ as loft height. Features available inside the house include desk, kitchen, sleeping loft and wet bath.

The Anderjack LITTLE HOUSE_2

The Anderjack: This little house measures only 99 square feet and consists of two massive columns at the entrance along with purlin, window trim and eave. If we look at the exterior, its dimension is 7×16 feet with the porch adding another 2 feet to its length. It is 11’2’’ tall with ceiling height of 6’6’’ on the inside and 3 feet as loft height.

Tiniest Tiny House

Tiniest Tiny House: It is officially the tiniest home on the planet with a size of about 4 square foot and just about the size of a person. It is a good option if you want to create a home office, and consists of a standing desk on one of the walls of the house where a laptop can be kept. You can also fit in a mini fridge with facility of washroom enclosure similar to that found in lavatories on the airplane and a small sink. There are solar panels fitted on the roof and walls to generate required energy to charge the laptop.

egg house_2

Egg House: Developed by a Chinese architect, it is 2 meters tall and built using bamboo frame and wood chips that have been insulated with cut-out sleeping bags making the exterior. It is fitted with solar panels to provide electricity and light up a lamp and other few electrical accessories. The pod has space for a water tank, night table and a bed.

One Sqm House

One Sqm House: As can be guessed from its name, this house is just one square meter but has been designed in a way to be quite adaptable. It can be set upright to be used as a miniature shop, or laid down flat to be used for sleeping at night. Having wheels means it can be heaved away to some other location if required.


These tiny houses use innovative features to make even small space livable for people. We need to have more such small houses to cope up with space crunch many cities are facing today.

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