The power of algae harnessed to light lamps

Lamps, be indoor or outdoor, simply eliminate darkness or gloom from our life and brings a sense of bliss and joy. However, if we do not use our lighting resources properly, it can increase our carbon footprints and might be harmful for the environment. To our rescue as well as the environment, designers and scientists worldwide are looking to develop some green sources of energy, so that we can illuminate our lives in a sustainable manner. Algae is one such natural resource that can provide sustainable energy to power our day-to-day needs. Here we have listed some of the most creative algae-powered lamps to illuminate indoor as well as outdoor areas in a sustainable manner.

Latro Lamp:

Latro Lamp

Using natural algae as the source of power, the Latro lamp by Mike Thompson is a living lamp that does not require any external energy source and offer green lighting solution. The sustainable lamp features an algae compartment that contains water, carbon dioxide (CO2) and sunlight to produce energy. All the user need to do is keep the lamp outside and breathe into it to trigger the energy generation process. The energy that the lamp generates during the day stores in a built-in battery, which powers the lamp at night. The Latro lamp is truly a unique and environmentally friendly creation.

Living Microalgae Lamp:

Living Microalgae Lamp

Developed by French biochemist Pierre Calleja, the incredible Microalgae Lamp as the name suggests generates power from living algae stored in a glowing tube. Designed to generate energy through the photosynthesis process of algae, the eco-friendly lamp can be used to illuminate parking slots and streets while eliminating the carbon emissions. The lamp stores the energy within that we can use as and when required or even move to far-off areas.

Algae Powered LED Bulb:

Algae Powered LED Bulb

Harnessing the energy of green algae to power a light bulb, designer Gyula Bodonyi has come up with a creative LED bulb that not just looks elegant but is easy to use in any setting as well. Looking like a drop of water, the sustainable bulb comprises a hidrophob container, air pump, PC Shell, LED and air vent. The pump at the top draws in the water and carbon dioxide to help grow the algae within that blow out the oxygen and thus, illuminate the tiny LED in during the photosynthesis process.



Essentially a pipe like structure containing water and algae, the Biolamp sucks in carbon dioxide using a pump from the surroundings to help breed algae inside and produce energy through photosynthesis process. The eco-friendly light by Hungarian designer Peter Horvath will not just illuminate streets but also reduce smog from the environment.

Many may consider algae a mere accumulation of seaweed, but it has great natural properties to generate sustainable energy that we can use to light our homes and streets and even charge our gadgets.

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