Innovation and companies that are transforming the energy landscape

With growing demand of energy and limiting resource, there has been a surge in clean energy companies in the recent past. Why not, as many governments across the world are promoting innovations in clean tech to meet their energy requirements without damaging the environment. Working on gen-next technologies, many European and American companies are investing heavily in clean energy. Pursuing their goals aggressively, these companies are not just revamping existing sources of energy to reduce carbon emissions in the environment but also exploring and tapping new sources to generate clean, green energy. Here we have listed some of the top companies that have made a mark in clean energy.

Aquion Energy:

Aquion Energy

Renewal sources of energy like wind or solar power may be the best way to reduce our carbon emissions, but these power sources require favorable conditions to thrive. Addressing the issue, the battery startup Acquion makes use of manganese and saltwater to produce economical yet efficient storage that gathers surplus energy produced during clear or windy days. We can use this energy when there is no sunshine or wind to generate renewable energy.

Azuri Technologies:


Many people in Africa and Asia still have no or poor grid connectivity and thus, they have no option than to live in darkness. Technology startup Azuri has come up with an innovative system called “Paygo” that lends a solar panel, capable of powering two bulbs and a mobile phone, to residents of rural area for small monthly installments. After all the installments are paid, users can either stick to the existing panel for free energy or choose to replace it with a powerful one to generate surplus energy for additional bulbs or electronic devices.


Cree energy efficient bulbs

Based in North Carolina, the Cree has made a name in producing durable and energy efficient bulbs. Supported by Home Depot, a network of hardware stores in the US, the company with its energy-efficient and stylish designs has become the leading brand of consumer LED bulbs in the country in just a couple of years.

Global Thermostat:

Global Thermostat's pilot plant in Menlo Park, Calif., pulls carbon dioxide from the surrounding air. The next challenge is to find uses for the captured gas.

With the mission to remove toxic gases like carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, Global Thermostat has come up with an innovative device that gathers CO2 with a built-in chemical scrubber and filters air. The toxic gas gathered by the device can further be used in various industries, to cultivate algae or even produce artificial fuels.

In the past few years, many clean energy startups have gathered the attention of investors with their green products designed to produce and preserve green energy. Apart from being cheap and practical, these technologies also help in sustaining the environment.

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