The green habits that can improve your lifestyle and health

Many individuals have the general misconception that going green is a hard choice on the lifestyle as well as one’s pocket. However, the truth is that you need not to be extravagant in your pursuit to go green. You can establish an eco-friendly lifestyle with just a few simple changes in and around the household. Here are some such green household tips that would help improve your health and lifestyle tremendously.

Saving Energy

Worker installs solar panels

Saving energy is not only about installing arrays upon arrays of solar panels on the roofs and walls, rather it is about the little things you do within the house that contribute to energy conservation. Some of these include using energy efficient light fixtures, switching off appliances when not using them, unplugging devices that are fully charged and lowering the thermostat, together with washing clothes at low temperatures, line drying laundry, insulating your home, etc.

Saving Water


Do not stop with saving energy and try saving water in your home as well. You will be amazed at how eco-friendly your home and life become by saving just a few drops of water every day. Some of the rather simple ways in which you can do this is by taking shorter showers, using short cycles for washing clothes, fixing leaks, turning off the tap while brushing, installing low flow shower heads, installing tap aerators on the taps, etc.

Reduce Food Demand, Go Organic

Portrait of a young smiling woman with a plate of vegetables - isolated on white.

Easier said than done, you may say! Actually, it is quite easy to go organic. By doing so, you can reduce the food demand, thus saving several wildlife habitats and eco system. You can go organic in many ways, including choosing locally grown foods, reducing meat consumption, eating fish sourced from sustainable fishing methods, choosing eco-friendly foods, avoiding foods with heavy packaging, and so on.

Choose Eco-friendly Transportation Modes

Woman getting on bus in London, England

One of the best ways to reduce fuel consumption and thus, reduce your carbon footprint is to carpool with friends or colleagues. Traveling long distances in public transport is also an easy option to reduce your carbon footprint considerably. For shorter distances, you can consider walking or biking.

Avoid Plastic

Young man holding a bag of plastic bottles for recycling

Anything made of plastic needs to be shown the door for a healthier, greener lifestyle. Plastic is one of the main causes for environmental degradation. So ditch plastic and opt for more eco-friendly alternatives like reusable shopping bags, jute based bags and even glass bottles.

Use Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Products

woman rubbing wooden floor

Ditch the chemical based home cleaners that emit dangerous gases into the atmosphere, affecting your health in the process. Choose natural alternatives like plant based cleaners that are equally effective in cleaning your home while being less harmful for your health and the environment.

Going green does not mean taking a huge step and spending heavily in the process. You can opt for a healthier, greener lifestyle with some rather simple changes made in and around your home.

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