Best Green Hotels in the US

Green seems to be in vogue nowadays. Unfortunately, this makes it harder to determine for sure which are actually good for the environment. In case of hotels, certification from LEED serves as a mark of authenticity and honour, issued by the US Council of Green Building. However, there still exist accommodations which are bereft of any proper certification but carry out notable efforts to protect the environment. The programs in these structures range from extensive recycling to conservation of water to sustainable practices of building. The six best eco friendly hotels in the States are sure to make your stay comfortable and memorable.

[box_dark]Bardessono, California[/box_dark]

The Bardessono is a magnificent boutique estate spread over an area covering six acres in the wine country of California. The epitome of world-class luxury, the Bardessono happens to be one of the very few Platinum hotels of the globe that has been certified by the LEED. The chain of hotels is ready to position itself as a force in sustainable practices.

Refurbished wood and salvaged stone went into the process of construction. A geothermal system installed underground helps in cooling and heating. The highlight of the hotel is going to be the rooftop pool, lavish guest rooms and aromatic spas.


[box_dark]Stowe Mountain Lodge, Vermont[/box_dark]

Stowe Mountain Lodge boasts of its own environmental charter as well as the manmade Peregrine Lake of 110 million gallons, which was designed to assist with the conservation of water and the maintenance of the health of the rivers and streams in the region. Located at the foot of Mount Mansfield within the premises of the historically important Stowe Mountain Resort, this lodge has its doors open to the public throughout the year. Established in 2008 using locally quarried stone, the lodge is similar to a ski retreat. The first mountain resort winner of Audubon International’s Sustainable Community Award, the ski has trolley systems to lessen the carbon footprint.

[box_dark]Hotel Allegro, Illinois[/box_dark]

Eco-travelers are bound to love Kimpton properties. The comprehensive EarthCare plan of the hotel is dedicated to the sustenance of the environment. The hotel has made it a point to cover every single base including green items, organic dining amenities, hybrid driver rewards, eco-initiatives for employees, collaborations with eco organizations. Documents tend to use soy-based ink for printing on recycled paper. Energy efficient light bulbs are common.

[box_dark]Hotel Green, Massachusetts[/box_dark]

The stylish Hotel Green in Massachusetts was built by social elite, the renowned shoe designer, Vanessa Noel. There are a total of ten rooms with a two-bedroom suite including eco friendly products from famous brands. The hotel proves that glamour and social responsibility go hand-in-hand.

[box_dark]Zion Lodge, Utah[/box_dark]

Zion Lodge boasts of a lodge within the park premises. A specimen of environmental sustainability, the hotel goes all the way back to the 1920s. Controlled by the eco tourism pioneers, Xanterra Parks and Resorts, the lodge carries out active efforts to safeguard the planet such as composting to preparing organic cuisine to providing beer from tap. Wind power is used to provide electricity to the lodge. Apart from the historic cabins and rooms done up in the style of motels, there are six green suits in the lodge with floors made of bamboo and recycled content of carpet. All accommodations come with filtered drinking water, biodegradable soap, organic linens as well as compact fluorescent lighting.

[box_dark]El Monte Sagrado, New Mexico[/box_dark]

The hotel proves that it is possible to protect the interests of the environment without forsaking the luxury factor. Enclosed on all sides by the gorgeous view of the mountains, this eco resort boasts of a kind of symbiotic relationship with nature. Heating and cooling are handled by solar panels with regulation of geothermal factors. The Living Machine and the Biolarium are two of the highlights of the hotel. The hotel has been successful in forming an ecosystem that is capable of sustaining itself.

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