Our need to adopt biofuels, and the advantages they offer

We need energy and a lot of it. To meet the energy requirements of humanity, fossil fuels are burnt to produce electricity and to power vehicles. Fossil fuels create a lot of carbon dioxide, which is a pollutant. They also cost a lot. Every year the price of natural gas, diesel and petrol rises, putting a considerable strain on consumers as well as nations. Biofuels are a sustainable and cost effective alternative of fossil fuels, which are fast becoming popular. Scientists are researching to improve the biofuel technology. Biofuels are produced mainly by using plant parts and animal excretion like cow dung. These types of fuels offer many benefits when compared to conventional sources.

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The most important benefit offered by biofuels is that they do not cause pollution. As you probably know already our earth’s average temperature is rising annually due to the impact of green house gases. Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas that is produced whenever we use fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels release carbon dioxide into the environment causing serious pollution. Carbon molecules are capable of absorbing a lot of heat coming to the earth from the sun. The carbon particles store this heat and as a result, the average temperature of earth increases. Such rise in temperature is the main reason behind global warming. Biofuels do not increase the level of carbon dioxide in the air. They do not contribute to global warming.




Another important reason behind using biofuels is definitely sustainability. The fossil fuel store of our world will soon become empty if we continue to draw from it so heavily. Switching to grass and other perennial plants can produce huge amount of energy if utilized properly.

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Affordability is a big problem that the working class people have to face. Fossil fuels are costly but biofuels are cost effective. Biofuels do not emit different types of pollutants like benzene. Pollution is a reason of different chronic and malignant diseases. When pollution is controlled our healthcare costs also gets curbed. Biofuels can be used in the modern vehicles without making changes to the engines.


Biofuels are beneficial for modern civilizations. They help us in reducing pollution and curbing the effects of global warming. They are also cost effective.

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