The 5 Best Eco-Friendly Designs of 2013

Construction of eco friendly buildings and houses can be the best solution to control environmental damage. These days the environmental issues like air, soil pollution, and water pollution is contributing to the change of temperature day after day. And this is resulting in global warming. In these situations incorporating eco-friendly designs for homes is the best solution to reduce the effects of global warming.

The best 5 designs for eco-friendly houses are listed below:

Athena Marie Plantation-

Athena Marie Plantation in Florida utilizes only renewable energy and does not use any other source of energy. They have installed wind powered electric turbine on the roof which generates renewable energy for the house as well as for the main flyover. The wall systems have been insulated with concrete to protect it from the harsh climatic conditions.


Orchid house –

The Orchid house in England is even known as the best design for the most eco friendly construction. The house is designed to produce more energy than the whole house can consume through the underground geothermal heating pump. The materials used in this design are eco-friendly and long lasting.

 Dome house –

Another skillful design in eco friendly homes is dome house in Japan. The construction of the entire building is done using Styrofoam and antioxidant solution into expanded polystyrene. The dome house being wood free it is resistant to decay and is even termite proof. The dome shape of the house helps in proper air circulation and therefore uses energy efficiently. It is even natural calamity proof and the cost of construction is extremely low.


995 Longbow Luxury homes –

Yet another interesting eco-friendly home is 995 Longbow Luxury homes which are in Colorado. The home walls are designed with wall insulation for enough heat during winters. They even have used renewable energy sources like solar panel. The construction of these homes involves the use of organic and recycled building material.

Environmentally Friendly
In Europa City the environment friendly homes are designed keeping in mind the zero hours. The homes use solar energy and the energy produced is a lot more than it is consumed and later can be stored in batteries which can be conveniently used for about a week. The homes are designed in such a way that they can collect the rain water and store them. Under the house a dry compost system is designed where all the waste can be processed. The house can be controlled with the help of a computer.

These eco friendly designs helps in lesser carbon footprints and reverses the effects of environmental damage.

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