Brazilian Eco-Friendly Rum

Need For being Eco Friendly

Nowadays it’s all about being green. Being eco friendly and caring for the environment is the right thing to do as our environment is already in a lot of duress. This duress to the environment is caused due to the human activities in the last century or so that have powered through with little consideration towards their harmful effects on the environment. The environmental degradation is very harmful and potentially disastrous for every living being on the planet.

There are already signs of trouble. There have been excessive greenhouse gas emissions, depletion of rain forests and depletion of ozone layer, overall pollution, climate change and increase in frequency of natural disasters.



Cachaca is a distilled alcoholic beverage made in Brazil. This famous Brazilian rum is made by fermenting sugarcane juice and is popular rum in Brazil as well as in rest of the world. Many cocktails use Cachaca has an ingredient in their mix. Caipirinha is a popular cocktail that has Cachaca as a primary alcohol in it. Cachaca is similar to the rums of Guadeloupe and Martinique in the Carribean.

Eco Friendly Brazilian Cachaca Rum

Preservation of the environment is very important to the Brazilian people. The farmers in Brazil are very concerned about the preservation of their natural resources like the rainforests, the mountains and the coast of Brazil. These natural resources have to be protected in order to save the environment.

A proprietor named Dragos Axinte started an eco friendly rum project in Brazil.   As he had a background in consumer products he identified that there weren’t any good quality Cachaca available outside of Brazil in places like the United States where there can be a good demand for the product.

The research for this project led Dragos Axinte to a small city in Brazil called Morretes. Here he saw the farmers following the Brazilian traditions and protecting the environment. They live by the principles of sustainability and a simple life. Encouraged by what he saw there he has made Novo Fogo. Novo Fogo is the world’s greenest rum as it is very eco friendly.


Novo Fogo

There are three types of Novo Fogo that are being produced for the customers. The Silver, the Barrel-Aged Cachaca and Barrel 105 are the three types of rum that are available under this brand. Each type of Rum has its own unique taste and the barrel-aged Cachaca and Barrel 105 is caramel colored rums.

The rums are made in a very eco friendly way so that they do not harm the environment too much. The packaging of the rum is very eco friendly. The bottle cork is made from natural wood and synthetic cork mix. The glass that is used for the bottles of the rum is recycled glass and the neck wrap is made from recycled plastic bottles.

This is an organic eco friendly product. It has also got certification from the USDA certifying that the rum is organic. As the product is organic no chemicals are used in making the rum. The site of the distillery is zero waste and it is a gravity fed distillery which saves energy while production.

Novo Fogo is an example of how if one just gives it a little thought and works on it, then it is very easy to make eco friendly products that do not harm the environment. In Brazil in particular it is very essential to save the beautiful and necessary natural resources like the vast Amazon rainforests and other natural resources in this region. The Novo Fogo is also a great eco friendly example in the alcohol industry.

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