Technology of Concentrated Photovoltaics is depicted in eco-friendly artwork

“Eco-friendly gadgets” and ‘solar energy” are some of the buzz words that are prevailing in the society these days in the concern of pollution and global warming. In midst of this apprehension, the famous architect André Broessel has made a huge effort to reduce the effluence by making an effective solar generator. His piece of design is a spherical glass generator that [roduces solar energy through a unique technology named ‘concentrated photovoltaics’. According to the scientist fraternity, this technology is one of the most graceful inventions in the field of eco-friendly artworks.

Designboom is the one online design magazine that has got the golden opportunity to display the magnificent images of Andre’s invention. This German architect sent the recent images of his development to this online design magazine as he wants the World to know about his brand new innovation that can greatly improve the solar technology.

Implementation Strategy of Andre’s Solar Energy Generator

The basis of the Andre’s project is to improvise the solar energy competence and for this he uses the profitable approach of employing a particular geometric formation and a ball lens. These structural arrangements made by him are successful in enhancing the effectiveness of solar energy by 35%.

As opposite to the conventional ‘dual-axis’ photovoltaic elements, this innovative device includes a fully revolving tracking device that is natural and water-resistant. This tracking device has the competence to function on curtain walls and even on inclined surfaces, authorizing the whole building. As per the experts, this novel invention of solar generation has the capacity to collect the subtle moonlight or sunlight for an extra effective application on-site.

Vision of Solar Energy Generator

 As this is world renowned that global warming is one of the major threats to the earth. With a view it various scientific inventions have been initiated by the scientist across the globe. Andre’s solar energy generator is also one of the discoveries in this context. Although he is an architect, he put his mind into developing something that can offer green and clean future. Through his efficient model of solar energy generator he tries to visually concentrate the thermal energy to produce the eco-friendly power that can be of great use for common people.

However, it is also not a denying fact that this glass model is extremely fragile and due to its structure it may not face world recognition, but this is certainly a great invention.

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