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Gadgets can be eco-friendly too

by Ecofriend1874

Gadgets galore—that’s the way I describe life today. Yes we are way too advanced than our forefathers on at least one count—that of using gadgets and machines to make lives simpler. But what about our eco responsibility? Don’t we fear spoiling our earth with way too much radiation and way too much clutter of metals and plastic? Well lets strat by a silly yet basic uestion–What is a Gadget? People who are technology enthusiasts, call it a part of their lives. A gadget is an electronic item that serves a specific purpose and is very useful. It could be any portable device, be it a cell phone, a Smartphone, MP3 player, iPods and many others. Nowadays, it has become quite impossible to live without gadgets. We have a wide variety of gadgets designed to suit human desires. The invention of these gadgets has speed up the work along with faster access to information. Internet has information about almost everything that comes in your mind. But the question that arises is, do gadgets only have advantages, or there are disadvantages as well. Depending on gadgets could be dangerous too. They are making people materialistic and children are becoming unsocial and idle as they indulge in modern gadgets.  Gadgets also lead to e-waste. They are composed of chemicals and dangerous acids that affect our environment adversely. They even have bad effects on our health and are hazardous to animals as well.  Do we have a solution to save our lives from the harmful effects of these modern gadgets? Yes, our society has already started moving towards this step. Through asset recovery companies, e-waste could be disposed off or recycled to reduce the health threats. To promote eco friendly living, various eco-friendly gadgets have also been launched. These gadgets are gaining popularity among the world as it is now easier to buy eco friendly products. Eco friendly gadgets are made up of biodegradable material and don’t damage our environment. They are safe to use and reduce a lot of environmental problems such as acid rain and global warming. Here are some of the eco-friendly and environment friendly products that save our electricity.

Samsung Blue Earth

Samsung, a manufacturer of mobile phones, designed a new handset that features on the back, a solar panel for charging. This phone can be charged by exposing the panel towards sunlight. The handset is purely made up of plastic bottles that have been recycled.

ASUS Ecobook

This cover on this Ecobook is made out of bamboo and the plastic used inside, is labeled and recycled. No paints or any sprays have been used. Its components are lined of cardboard.

Solar powered Wi-Fi

Solar powered Wi-Fi was introduced in Boulder, Colorado. It takes 5 hours to charge and is mainly to use in remote locations or as a backup.

EcoNav GPS device

EcoNav GPS device is easy to fit in pocket, light and modern. It reduces harmful emissions.

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