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A team of researchers develops a cheap method to make plastics from biomass

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Plastic is used in abundance in many products nowadays including soda bottles, food packaging, automotive parts and many more, but this plastic is usually made from a petroleum based material, which in turn causes a lot of problems. Its production involves many chemicals, some of which have not even been adequately tested for the toxic effects that they can have on human beings or even animals. But, this will not last long, as a team of scientists have lately discovered a new, cheaper way to create plastic bottles from biomass instead of petroleum.

Team develops cheaper, non-petroleum method to make plastics from biomass

This discovery was made public recently on Earth Day. It exhibits a well organized, renewable way to produce the chemical Xylene, which is used for producing plastic. Xylene chemicals are used to produce the plastic that is used at present for soda bottles, water bottles, storage of cold foods etc. This new method involves the use of a catalyst, zeolite that has the ability to convert glucose into Xylene, when it comes in contact with a bio mass reactor at a high temperature. Researchers see this as a major step forward, in the production of renewable xylene , as the other methods are either expensive or incompetent. Further the researchers also found that the presentation of the biomass reaction was strongly affected by zeolite, which after experimenting was proved, as this mingling of the two achieve a seventy five percent yield. This was quite remarkable in comparison to the low yields, due to the use other less efficient methods.

This discovery not only gives an extraordinary evidence for the production of green plastic, specially the one that is used as soft drink and water bottles, but it also significantly reduces the production costs for manufacturers of plastics from renewable sources. The research team also believes in revising the process further, so that it could enhance the yield and make it even more cost effective.

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