Taking a green route with dresses made from recycling materials

Chocolate lindor dress

Did you know that fast fashion is the second dirtiest industry in the world? Most of us who always fall far cheap and non-durable dresses don’t know the harm that these do to the environment. Since the firms making such dresses are purely profit-oriented, they use extremely dangerous methods. From manufacturing to waste disposal, they make several environmental violations. Most of these companies operate in underdeveloped or developing countries, therefore it is very difficult to stop them. However, there are a few things that we can individually do to shut their business. First, we should stop falling for fast fashion. Second, we should opt for sustainable fashion by buying dresses made from recycling materials.

Various things are being made using recycled material and there is no reason why making dresses from recycling materials cannot be a possibility. One of the benefits of recycling is that it helps save the environment and such dresses not only look trendy, but are also quite usable. Let us look at a few such dresses:

Some dresses made using recycling materials

1. Plastic bag dress:

Plastic bag dress

It is a spherical skirt having cotton base and appliquéd using different colored recycled plastic bags. It is a completely boned skirt with contrasting plastic circle layers hand sewn into the dress. Plastic shopping bags is the most supplied plastic in the world and it is also the most flexible to recycle in many forms.

2. Chocolate lindor dress:

Chocolate lindor dressThe thing special about this dress is that it is entirely made of around thousand chocolate balls as well as crystals. Named Lindor Dress, it is a total of about 79,000 calories worth of chocolate dress.

3. Aluminum cans dress:

Aluminum cans dressBenefits of recycling about 1 ton of aluminum is that it can prevent CO2 emissions to the tune of ten tons, and stop mining of around five tons of bauxite ore. Keeping in mind these benefits of recycling aluminum, a dress has been created using circles and teardrops hand cut from aluminum cans. Additionally, a shower curtain has been reused for this dress.

4. Recycled wedding dress:

Recycled wedding dressThis dress has been created using old plastic forks and empty milk bottles. All elements and parts of this dress are made from repurposed and reused objects. As an example, the nylon thread used for holding all bottles together belongs to dress designer’s grandmother.

5. Gown using radiator copper:

Gown using radiator copperThis gown has been made by making use of discarded radiator copper and it took the designer nearly two hundred hours to sew it together. The gown’s weight is 22 pounds and is certainly worth admiring.

6. Bread bag clips wedding gown:

Bread bag clips wedding gownThis wedding gown is made using about 10,000 bread tags that were collected over time. The tags have been used as scales in an overlapping pattern to help hide the stitching in the cotton fabric. The gown weighs about 15 pounds, and took a few hundred hours to make.

7. FEMA blue tarp skirt:

FEMA blue tarp skirtThe skirt and bustier have been created using recycled FEMA blue tarp. Apart from blue tarp, the dress also consists of contrast stitching, functional buttons and appliqué made from blue tarp.

Dresses from recycling materials you can also wear at prom

Proms, whether high school or senior years are always a fun event with everyone dressed to a ‘T’. It’s one of the few times such a large number of students gather to say goodbye to a year gone by. The popular event is also one of the few occasions where the young get to wear what they want. For girls, the event is especially important as it gives them a chance to hunt for the perfect prom dress. If you lean to the green side, you no doubt want to wear something that’s testament to your convictions. Check out these prom dresses made from eco friendly materials that are super stylish.

1. Eco friendly prom party dress

This pretty pink number is perfect for prom, infusing class with youth. A sweetheart neckline adorns the bodice, which is fitted to the waist and features a belt tied to the left side in a big bow. There’s nothing over the top about this party dress and will go perfectly with high school students. A balloon hemline adds a dash of oomph while a jeweled embellishment adorns the bow for a hint of sparkle.

2. Cinderella gets eco friendly at prom

Feel like Cinderella in this eco friendly pink prom dress. Most prom clothes and accessories tend to cost a small fortune and they’re usually worn only once. Once the night is over, the outfit is relegated to the bottom of the wardrobe. But Passenger Pigeon is aiming to change all that by designing budget prom dresses made out of eco friendly materials. Costing about $200, the dresses feature 100 percent bamboo with the lining made of 100 percent silk. The best part is that they can be worn even years later.

3. Up cycled umbrella prom dress by Janice Louise Miller

Fans of Lady Gaga can look like her in this up cycled umbrella dress designed by Janice Louise Miller. The trendy outfit is actually made of 100 percent up cycled umbrellas that would have otherwise been destined for the trash. A black corset bodice with lacework and three layers of what could be mistaken for taffeta make up the fashionable prom dress. The middle layer features a nice pattern in beige and black that breaks up the otherwise dark colored dress.

4. Mori Lee prom dress

This prom dress designed by Mori Lee is exquisitely tailored to transform women. The floor length dress features a sweetheart neckline with a lovely rhinestone waist. Gatherings of the environment friendly dark material fall from the hips to the ankles, giving it a couture look. The strapless outfit will go well with senior year students as it speaks of maturity and oodles of grace.

5. Prom dress made from gum wrapper

This next item is truly innovative as it is made out of bubble gum wrappers. You wouldn’t think it, however, as the dress is so cleverly designed. Conceived by Kerrin Frey who was inspired after seeing her friend folding pieces of gum wrappers together, the dress was created by folding wrappers eight times and braiding them together. Hot glue kept the wrappers together which were later stitched onto fabric.

6. Pink short prom dress

Get transported to another world in this whimsical short prom dress. More of a peach color than pink, the pretty outfit features a sweetheart neckline that’s adorned with many petal like embellishments. They cover the bust area with a few appearing to float down. The skirt falls from the empire waistline to just above the knees.

7. Ally Maize hits prom in eco style

Green Youth Movement’s founder, Ally Maize, chose to wear an environment friendly gown for her prom from Puridee. Designed by Lindee Daniel, Puridee’s dresses are eco friendly with materials that have been ethically sourced and dyed using plants and minerals. The fashionable dress has a luminous sheen made possible from the peace silks that have been used.

8. Recycled pop can tabs prom dress

This beautiful piece has been made from pop can tabs and ribbons. No word on the designer, all we know is that it must have taken oodles of effort. It’s impossible to make out that the one shoulder outfit was made out of the so called useless material as it looks anything but recycled. From what we know, the designer had earlier created an outfit using Doritos packages.

9. Plastic bag prom dress by Casey Hansel

Turn waste plastic into a prom dress like this Casey Hansel designed number. It features a plunging neckline, no sleeves and a short skirt. A black plastic belt has been tied around the waist in a flower motif to add style to the outfit. The back features a corset tie up. Dress outfit doesn’t only use plastic, however, as Hansel also made use of pull tabs.

10. Gum wrapper prom dress

Elizabeth Rasmuson has made quite a name for herself as an eco-friendly fashion designer to the extent that Ripley’s even approached her to buy her creation. But, the gum wrapper dress isn’t the only an eye-catching outfit; Rasmuson’s boyfriend, Jordan Weaver, is said to have sported a matching vest when taking his girl to the prom.


If you want to look different and stylish while at the same helping save the environment then get creative with your choice of dresses made from recycling materials. Recycle and reuse can be the mantra of the fashion world too.

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