Advantages and disadvantages of recycling the trash


The non-biodegradable resources that are widely used by people get to ultimately pollute the environment to a great extent. The only way to positively utilize and discard them is by recycling. While the recycling of such trash has advantages for our environment, there are also some types of disadvantages. Let’s check out what are the pros and cons of waste recycling.

Advantages of Recycling

  • Recycling saves a lot of energy as it can convert waste into new materials without much energy consumption, while it is quite energy-consuming if those products are otherwise created afresh. It also prevents the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere.


  • In congested areas, recycling can help manage waste plastic or paper, thus resulting in reduced garbage landfill requirements.
  • The need for allied activities like mining and transportation also reduces with recycling.
  • The otherwise happening toxic leakages from plastic and electronic products can be avoided through proper recycling of such materials.
  • There are several products resulting from the recycling of organic matter. Out of these, methane can be further used for cooking purposes and generated compost can get to become a great fertilizer. Thus, recycled materials of any kind can be made use of in one way or another.


  • The way trash recycling benefits our environment is through the creation of natural balance and conservation of natural resources. It also helps in protecting habitats, maintaining biodiversity and reducing global warming.
  • Most of all, recycling of waste creates eco-consciousness among people who then get involved in further environmentally friendly activities.


Disadvantages of Recycling


  • Recycling produces methane gas that can cause ozone depletion and global warming, if leaked.
  • To further recycling efforts, there are more factories needed to be operated and maintained. This might involve good costs on part of governments, as well as cause more pollution in the atmosphere.
  • There are various items that are so substandard that they have to be put into landfills and are of no use recycling.


  • If recycling sites are mismanaged, there could be toxin traces left to be seeped into the ground or to pollute air and waste sources. Workers handling recycling could also be exposed to toxins and chemicals, thus causing bad effects on their health.
  • It’s worth recycling aluminum, but it’s overly costly, difficult and wasteful to recycle paper and plastic.

Thus, recycling seems to be worth if understood from its scientific perspectives; incidental costs are reduced; and innovative recycling equipment and methods are developed.

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