Stretched memories: Old VHS tapes turned into a dazzling 80 foot walkway

As modern technology takes rapid strides forward; we all get excited every time a new gadget or gizmo comes out that makes our lives easier, replaces the old making it obsolete. While some of us hang to the past, eventually all of us move on. What remains behind is plenty of e-waste. There was a time when a VHS VCR was a mainstay for every home across the globe and people were actually proud of owning one. But now, we have moved further ahead and VHS is pretty much dead and buried. Not for Zilvinas Kempinas though, as he has crafted a cool walkway using nothing but old VHS tape.

80-Foot Walkway

The first thing that comes to your mind as you walk though one of these is what might have been recorded on the VHS tape that was used for the walkway. But as you walk through the tunnel, you will see varied visual effects that are caused by the interaction of light with the tapes. The walkway is delicate, but it will last for a while as long as you do not go plucking on the tapes. It is nice to see modern artists using various discarded material to craft these unique pieces that are not only aesthetically pleasant, but also allows you to reflect on recycling and reuse.

The 80 foot VHS magnetic tape tunnel has been appropriately named as ‘Tube’ and the New York based architect seems to draw plenty of attention toward all the e-waste that is left unattended. Putting that aspect aside, it will still be great to walk though one of these. Maybe we can make one with all the old tapes we have.

Via: Mymodernmet

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