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BE STORY: Crafting interiors with sustainable letters!

by admin

They say that ‘Pen is mightier than the sword’ and that words have a potential to change the world. They definitely have a potential to hurt people when used in the wrong fashion and they do paint amazing picture when used the right way. (A skill that very few seem to possess) But how about using letters, instead of words to shape the world around you? And this time we mean quite literally. Interior designer Ania Steshko has come up with a wonderful new concept that is inspired by love for reading and how it can influence our lives.


The concept is called ‘BE STORY’ and Ania uses letters to shape furniture and décor around the home and each of the decorative and pieces of furniture are shaped like an alphabet. The name of the concept is taken from the fact that the letters of ‘be story’ are the ones that are most ergonomically suited to be turned into interior designs. Hence the ‘S’ that has been transformed into a couch and the ‘b’ and the ‘o’ that have been turned into tables and stands. Of course, all of the material used for these is recycled and completely sustainable.

That obviously makes the project all the more special. The idea of shaping décor in the form of alphabets is indeed unique and we are pretty sure that there would be many a library in the world and book enthusiasts who would love to own stuff that looks like this. Now can we see some real models please…

Via: Steshko

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