Steps and ideas to keep a check on the evil of plastic pollution

evil of plastic pollution

Have not we all been hearing about plastic and its dangerous effects? Does it look impossible to get away from this harmful thing in everyday life? It all seems correct when we look at the widespread use of plastic in our daily routine. From our cellphones to packaging materials to even our utensils, everything contains a great amount of plastic. In fact, there are innumerable objects that are created out of plastic and it has actually spread like an epidemic. When its waste goes to landfills, plastic pollution is caused to an unimaginable level. However, had it not been so usable, it would’ve been impossible to spread it. Therefore, first of all, we need to find ways in which we can find a substitute for plastic and curb this evil of plastic pollution.

12 – Steps and ideas to keep a check on the evil of plastic pollution

To control the harmful effects of plastic pollution, check out here some steps that we all can take.

1. Reuse plastic items

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Rather than dumping every plastic bottle after use, we can try to reuse them in some way. Make use of your shopping bags repeatedly. If there is some single-serving plastic packaging, say no to it. For instance, you may avoid using one-time coffee cups or plastic straws. If all of us start carrying reusable stuff, then the use of plastic can be curbed to a good extent.

2. Replace your plastic stuff

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There are several alternatives available to replace many of your plastic-made things. For example, you can ditch those plastic roll bags and buy cotton bags to do your shopping for produce. There are several materials that can be used to make such stuff that can replace plastic. Go for these alternatives and reuse them as many times as you want.

3. Make use of packaging stuff

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There are several products that are sold in plastic containers or bottles. Many of these are made of high-quality plastic. You can make use of these containers for storing other objects. It is always better than throwing them in a dustbin and adding up to the already existing plastic pollution in huge amounts. Make use of those zip-lock bags, lids, and bowls. Each of your efforts can help in stopping plastic pollution.

4. Use recycled stuff

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If there is no alternative in sight to some plastic stuff, try if you can use recycled plastic. Do not go for plastic bags and polystyrene foam. Such things are not recyclable or have extremely low recycling rates.

5. Ban Plastic bags

Ban of plastic bags

The government should impose a tax on the use of plastic bags. They should impose a tax on shopkeepers if they give products in plastic bags. People should carry bags made of jute or paper. Use these bags for everything you purchase from grocery to electronic items. There should be a complete ban on the use of plastic bags. Plastic bags should be given free to customers. This will make the customer avoid polybags. They will prefer their own recycled or jute bags to carry items.

6. Give up bottles of water, soda or beverages

Ban of plastic bottles

Use reusable stainless steel bottles instead of plastic bottles. Whenever you leave home, carry stainless steel filled with water with you. When the bottle becomes empty, refill it. This will help you to avoid plastic water bottles and reduce plastic waste. Use soda maker machine at home to avoid soda plastic bottles. Try to make your soft drinks at home using the soda maker machine.

7. Carry your own containers

Carry your own utensils

Whenever you go for shopping for grocery items, apparels, electronic items or any other item, always carry your own paper, jute or reusable bag. Do not accept any plastic bag from the shopkeeper.

8. Use reusable utensils

Use reusable utensils

Use stainless steel or reusable utensils for food, to drink water or to cook food. Whenever you are traveling, carry your own utensils to avoid disposable utensils. When going to the office, carry your lunch in a stainless steel tiffin box and carry your utensils to avoid disposable utensils in the lunchroom. Use your mug to drink water.

9. Do not store food in plastic containers

Plastic containers

You normally buy vegetables or fruits in large quantity and store them in the refrigerator in plastic containers. Avoid this and use stainless steel containers to store them. Wrap leafy vegetables in newspaper and store them in the refrigerator.

10. Avoid non-stick cookware

Avoid non stick

Do you know non-stick cookware is also made of a special type of plastic, Teflon, which is toxin? Try to avoid non-stick cook wares and cook food in aluminum cook wares. Cook rice in the pressure cooker instead of rice cooker which is also made of plastic. Cook food on stove or gas instead of the microwave. Buy microwave which accepts containers other than plastic.

11. Do not buy packaged food items

Packaged food

It seems tough as everything in the market comes in packets. But we can buy vegetables, fruits, rice, pulses, spices, egg, milk, meat, cheese, etc. in free form rather than packaged form. These are considered to be fresh as well. Try to go nearby vegetable mandi, where you can buy vegetables and fruits in loose form. Carry your own reusable bags to avoid plastic bags given by these shopkeepers.

12. Spread the word

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Do not keep your awareness to yourself. Take the idea to your family and friends. Ask them to act in your ways to avoid plastic and control pollution.

Plastic pollution can harm us in more than one ways. Thus, it is essential to follow practices to stop the use of plastic and find alternatives to it.

Some more ways to check the evil of plastic pollution

You can also reduce plastic waste by making your own soya milk, by avoiding plastic bottles for hand washes; try to refill them, compost food waste. Composting food waste is the best way to reduce waste. Waste from the kitchen can be mixed with soil. It works as the best fertilizer for them as it is free from chemicals and is not harmful to plants. Choose lotions, shampoos, and conditioners in plastic-free containers. Use baking soda, essential oils, fragrance talcum powder or soaps instead of deodorants.

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