What’s the stark truth behind the solar hot water panel’s cost efficiency and eco friendliness?

Solar hot water panels play a vital role in every home. These panels are also known as collectors as they collect solar energy. They are one of the best energy saving products and are easily available in the market. Typically, they serve as a world class performer for efficiency, heat output and durability. These panels are available in three sizes and two surface models (black paint and blue sputtered) that stay suitable as well as versatile in all sorts of solar water heating applications.

solar hot water panel's cost-efficiency and eco friendliness

How solar hot water panels work?

Solar hot water panels are the highly developed machinery used to turn sunlight into electricity. Most of the residents and owners will usually confuse the differences between solar water heater and solar electric system. Moreover, they will not know which to install. Both of these products help to reduce environmental footprint and reduces energy consumption. Solar water heater returns back the production energy quicker than the electric system. Here explaining in brief about the cost-effective and eco friendly benefits of solar hot water panels.

Solar hot water panel is cost efficient

Resident users install about one or two rooftop panels that help in converting 60 to 70 percent of sun power into heat. It has become a great option especially for Americans as they use a lot of hot water. It is estimated that their 25 percent of the energy use is attained from heating water. For example, if two households use traditional water heater to heat water of 64 gallons per day, which includes running laundry, ten minutes showers, dishwasher cycle and running the hot water tap (4 minutes) for over a year, it would account for around 4,600 to 5,000 kilowatt-hours of energy usage. Moreover, the energy cost would sum up around $580, while using the gas heater will cost around $266.

Using solar heater with suitable panels will help to cut the electric bills completely. It can easily crank out around 150,000 kilowatt-hours of energy that is twice as much as a typical household use to heat water. It serves as the best long term investment and comes with 25 years of more guarantee.

Solar hot water panel is energy efficient and eco friendly

Solar thermal consists of photovoltaic (PV) sets and panels. The photovoltaic elements are combined together in a cell known as solar cell, which is customized and relied in panels to collect solar energy. These collectors or panels are made of glass. When deciding to buy solar hot water panel, you need to make sure on three things – the amount of sun hitting your roof, usage of hot water, required numbed of panels to install. Certainly, manufacturing solar water heater and solar electric system requires a great deal of raw materials and energy. But still solar water heater is amazing that quickly recompense back its carbon costs.

Studies have proved that solar thermal and its panel just take two years to return back the energy used for its production while the other solar equipment take at least three to four years in giving back the production energy used. It is one of the best ways to cut down at least 10 percent of the energy bills per year. Their benefits are totally environment and eco friendly, which is not a bit financial.

Different types of panel used in residential areas

In recent years, manufacturers have made it a point to design thin panel profile in increasing its efficiency.The two common solar panels or collectors widely used in residential areas are flat plate solar panel and evacuated tube panel. Flat plate solar collector holds more benefits and is highly used than the evacuated tube model. It actually depends upon the outside temperature such as if it is 40 degree outside. Flat plate solar collector will stay efficient as long as the temperature of water is below 143 degree Fahrenheit.

Evacuated tube panel is more efficient when the water temperature rises over 143 degree Fahrenheit. When deciding the best among two, the temperature plays the important factor to run the complete application. You can get help from solar professionals who will help to fix the right panel as per your need.


Installing suitable PV panels carry more environmental benefits to our planet Earth. It is the right solution, which most of the energy saving citizen has started to opt in recent days.

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